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And now I wanna watch the first 5 minutes of 12x09 again, too...
Me: Man, it's 1AM, but I really just want to watch the first five minutes of 12x11 "Regarding Dean" again.

Also me, 40 minutes later: ...By which I meant the first 40 minutes of 12x11 again. Obviously.

(I feel like I almost understand the narrative utility of minutes 41 and 42, but I don't, really. XDD)

[Fic] Below Breath - Sam/Dean, S2 casefic, hurt/comfort, undernegotiated kink
Title: Below Breath
Genre: slash, S2 casefic, hurt/comfort
Pairing: Sam/Dean (Dean POV)
Rating: R
Word Count: 3000
Summary: Ghost hunt, black dogs, desert winter, and undernegotiated kink.

That’s why Sam says, Wait. It must be the wrong move, after all. If it’s something Sam wants, then it must be wrong.

You didn’t mean for him to ever feel like that.

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fandom text
Did I mention I love SPN? :')

I watched 6x22 in 3D today! I was in an airplane, minding my own business, and the moment Castiel started ominously glowing full of Purgatory souls, someone on the other side of the plane opened the window shade and a blinding faceful of Las Vegas sunset smacked me right in the face. I will say, it was probably my favorite viewing of 6x22 ever.

ALSO, watching 6x22 immediately after binging 12x09-12x12 in quick succession almost made me lose my damn mind. XD Because you had Eve/Mother of All/wearing-Mary-Eve in The Road So Far, and you had Crowley, in cahoots with Castiel and collecting angelic weapons and the almost reluctant King of Hell, given what we learn in 12x12, and we had Sam running through the woods and finding the same creek that he and Dean cross in 12x09 (the water level in that thing is higher now, at least in whatever part of that creek they used; I just assume it's the same one, XD). But more to the point, Sam running through the woods, amnesiac, completely unsure of who he is or what he's in the middle of. These are the aggressive juxtapositions I LIVE for. <3333 I'm so into everything we're getting for Crowley, Rowena, and Castiel in the second half of this season.

AND OMG FISHING DEMON. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN SUCH GOOD FRIENDS WITH FISHING ANGEL. I still don't know that I'd actually personally choose all this stuff with the BMoL (I was never into the MoL in the first place), but I do enjoy Guy Ritchie films, which the BMoL (and 12x12) seem to take after.

I have lots of things I want to talk about (12x11 was deeply pleasurable [DEAN! SAM! ROWENAAAA], I adored 12x09 up until that last bit (and a phone call from Alicia!! :DDD), I'm intrigued by Benjamin in 12x10, OMG FISHING DEMON) but I'm about to get on a second plane, so I quick rundown of things I wasn't into, because that's a much shorter list:

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:'DDDDD Best flight ever. I love you so much, Show. <33333333

Candle scents that should exist
free fall

"Matchstick just after it's been blown out"

I don't understand why the fuck you'd want a candle that smelled like marshmallows or "ocean breeze" (THAT IS NOT WHAT THE OCEAN SMELLS LIKE, CANDLE PEOPLE).

LJ Mobile's overzealous adult content algorithm ships it
free fall

This screen cap is for the shippers. XD

I leave the rest to you.

Stories love you back
One of those nights when you feel really lonely and really unwanted/unloved so you give up and watch Law and Order and from the moment of the first note of the theme song you just think, OH GOD, NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO, SVU. ♥ BUT YOU DO, SVU. YOU DO. Which sounds pathetic but it feels kinda good, so.

If there's no time for it by day, night will take over.

Last night I had a dream that involved, among a good many other things, insinuations of Dean/Rowena (what) and Winchesters and unnamed ill-sketched one-off friend doing things that ultimately led to a bunch of former military officer hunters (all young, so post-9/11 trained, and having served) being brutally slaughtered by hellhounds.

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they say our hearts are locked in music
I fell officially "in love" with Supernatural just as the my first quarter at college was heading into finals. (My undergrad had quarters instead of semesters; it's a thing. Sort of. It's a thing at most of the UCs, Stanford, and the University of Chicago, at least!) Because I didn't have time to spare to actually watch back seasons of my new love, I took the edge of my deep, deep pining by playing music I'd heard on the show--so, basically Carry on Wayward Son and whatever played in S4/S5. Honestly, I don't remember a whole lot about any piece of that timeframe; I remember hating one of my classes and being upset that of course it would be THAT class with a 6-9PM Friday final, aka the last possible timeslot for a final. >.> But I also remember what it felt like to really fucking want SPN.

Today was off to a rather slow start (and involved me collating a lot of things by hand because our copy machine hates me, sigh), so I'm missing out on my flist time and definitely my watch SPN/write SPN time, but my strategy from 2009 still holds.

Right now I'm listening to my SPN playlist, beginning from most recently added, and AAAHHHHH Warren Zevon's "Prison Grove" from 11x11. One of my favorite music cues for Show! ELO's "Long Black Road" which might not even have been IN how, but I should have been, gdi. <3 "Night Moves" from 11x04. "Bad Girls" from 11x04. And now it's taking me through the little songs from the musical in 10x05 and AAAAHHHHHHH.

And now it's playing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles, which is on this playlist ONLY because I've sung it to myself with the alternate lyrics "I wanna watch SPN nowww." XD

SPN, the mere thought of you brings me joy. <3

A whimsical 2017 meme!
Snagged from candygramme: At least the first 5 people to comment (and more if I have the funds) Anyone who comments will receive a surprise from me at some point in 2017. Anything from a card, postcard, a podfic, something hand-made - absolutely any surprise! It will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something that I believe would suit you and make you happy.

If you can, post this in your own journal and pay it forward. Let's do more kind and loving things for each other in 2017, without any reason other than to make each other smile and show that we think of each other.

Comments are screened so you can leave your address. Feel free to include an idea, theme, a link to a wish list, or tell me what you collect (dinosaurs, rocks, ticket stubs, etc etc etc). Also, please note you can sign up for a surprise even if you choose not to put this in your own journal. I know not everyone can.

Please don't expect tickets to Hamilton or really intensive fic, because then I'll just be making promises I can't keep, alas, but I am so down to randomly dispense small whimsical somethings!! :3 Please note that these small whimsical somethings might be really odd.

Also, if you give me your address, please let me know if you have any food/scent/substance/etc. allergies just in case I send a tangible!

BREAKING: Supernatural RENEWED For Season 13!!!!!
where&#39;s perry
This just in, my weekend has improved considerably. \O/

Оригинал взят у kate_mct в BREAKING: Supernatural RENEWED For Season 13!!!!!
no title
no title

This just in: Supernatural along with some other CW shows have been renewed!!! Supernatural will get a 13th Season!!!!

[Fic] Pre-Set
My Christmas gift to myself: Spending some time with my loved ones! First up, my flannel babies, whom I miss very much. <333 Four hours of messy self-indulgence, all for meeeeeee. Dean POV & Sam POV, set amorphously in S12 sometime. Dean-centric.

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I've been trying to post this since yesterday because it's such a critical message. Shoo, 502 Error!

The only kind of crossover I'm down with
The Fast 8 title was just announced (yes, it had its own, separate announcement... distinct from the announcement of the time/date of the trailer release AND the TRAILER FOR THE TRAILER) and I'm crying-laughing. XDDD Fast titles are those things that are completely irrelevant yet Incredibly Important, because let's be real now--how dumb is the title 2 Fast 2 Furious? Yet how iconic is the title, 2 Fast 2 Furious?

In case you were wondering, the titles of the Fast franchise go like this:

The Fast and the Furious
2 Fast 2 Furious
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Fast and Furious
Fast 5
Fast and Furious 6 (it tried to call itself Furious 6, but NO ONE calls it that)
Furious 7 (because if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!)



And all I can think of is furious fates, like these ladies:

I haven't seen 12x07 yet, and all I know about 12x08 is the title: my preemptive summary of the episode, based on what I know about the episode title, and the title of Fast 8. Spoiler for title, and 12x05.Collapse )

I could probably make a killing as an Illuminati conspiracist. XD

2017 Calendar
This year, my calendar features photographs of exploding appliances, and I love it dearly. Alas, it is not one of the bargain designs this year, so I decided I'd make my own calendar, using key images from each month of 2016 so that when I look at it I'll remember what memories I was making that same month, last year.

So I was like, okay, January, Crystal and I passed prelims and we took photos of us and a shitton of books. Cool!

But then I was like, uhhhhh. Right. February. March. Right, those existed. I... have no photos and no memory of either of these months. XP

So I was like... Well, I know which SPN episodes aired those months. MAYBE I'LL JUST USE CAPS FROM THOSE...

#relevant tag is relevant

Infamati et Obliterati: La Chasse
Title: La Chasse
Genre: het, darkfic, 12x03 "The Foundry" tag
Pairings: sorta Rowena/Lucifer, past Rowena/OMC, brief Sam/Amelia
Characters: Rowena (POV), Lucifer; mentions of Castiel, Sam, Dean, actual Nick, actual Vince Vincente, and hellhounds
Word Count: ~2300
Rating: R
Warnings: [Spoiler (click to open)]sexualized violence, disturbing imagery
Notes: I have no good explanation for this. ETA 22 December: Thanks Anon, for help with the French!! <3
Summary: Lucifer struggles with his new vessel, and Rowena plots her escape. Laid bare before her are all of Lucifer's sloppy, messy bits, carried over from vessels previous: Nick's memories, Castiel's. And most tantalizing of all, Sam Winchester's.

Imagine what she could do if she could find that sloppy bit of Sam in Satan.Collapse )


Another appropriate icon.
♥ Ron Glass

Gotta get out my S6 icon
fandom text
Wait, heh, whoa--okay, so after they fail to kill two out of the three dragons in Portland, they go to some town in Rhode Island where Soulless!Sam fucked the entire population over AND THEN opt not to track down any of the like, five Arachne that just got bred, AND THEN scratch the wall, AND THEN the one dude they saved in their next case ended up dying anyway, AND they get an innocent bystander impaled by a giant glass shard.


Poor bbs, life is just a hot mess of incessant failure. <3 Which isn't to say that isn't always kind of true for them, but I think in this particular stretch of episodes it might actually be narratively intentional. I love S6!

Oh, also. Does anyone remember me in like, July, talking about this gifset that had put together all of the times Lisa had opened the door and found Dean on the other side, and how her expression shifted? IT'S NOT A GIFSET. (I mean, I'm sure it is. But that's not what I know it from.)

SHOW did that. SHOW put together that montage, of Lisa being happy(ish, and also confused) to being worried to being slightly dismayed.

My heart, your dagger, SPN. Your dagger. DID I MENTION I LOVE S6.

A list I should make
where&#39;s perry
"99 Times Sam & Dean Were Fucking Awful at Their Job"


Though I suppose they had from Portland all the way back to Sioux Falls to have a deep conversation about why that was a good game plan. Maybe, like lightning, dragons only strike the same place once. (Or unlike lightning, really.) Maybe Portland is spared forevermore from dragons!

Does this mean there are still at least two dragons mucking around circa 2016? Or does Eve eat them later or what?

Also, hi! I'm continuing my rewatch, which was tabled in August and frankly should have stayed that way until 2017. But, you know.

This is only the third time I've ever seen 6x12, and I haven't seen it since it aired, because I didn't really like it back then. Still not really down with virgins or dragons, but my opinion of the rest of it is much improved. (Incidentally, this is also true of 5x12--the body swap episode--which I've decided I actually really like, idk!! This remains untrue of 6x09, the fairy episode. One of these days, though. One of these days!

Writing Risk
I saw this end-of-year writing meme, and as one does when one is procrastinating, I started filling it out preemptively for 2016. One of the questions was, Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

So I Googled "writing risks fiction." The first suggestion was "kill a character."

Which... I think we may need to recalibrate the definition of risk. XP Because I can only name two points, off the tope of my head, where I've felt like killing a character in a fic might have been a genuinely risky decision.

For me, a writing risk might be:

Challenging or unpalatable representations of characters and ships. Not in the "go as dark as possible" sense, but that edge of discomfort that's as close to "normal" or "easily accepted characterization" as possible, so that the reader can't say to themselves 'well, I'm specifically reading darkfic, of course it's going to be like this' but instead they have to think, wait, hold up--what if it's the character/the pairing, and not a privilege of the genre? Or not even something that's dark, necessarily--but something that, in whatever direction, really pushes what you know and what can be known about the character/ship in question.

Troubling well-loved tropes might also be considered "risks." Like, what if ye olde "blanket scenario" (you know, there characters get snowed in and need to huddle together under one blanket for warmth) led to mutiny and cannibalism--AND IT WASN'T A HORRORFIC? Or what if [insert typical horror trope here] was actually genuinely adorable, and it wasn't a crackfic? Though on second thought, these seem less "risky" they are good creative exercise. (Shoutout to spnspiration, which held a challenge along these lines a few years ago!)

Using any of the experimental tropes listed in the tags of spnspiration might be considered risky, I suppose. But imho "off the norm" isn't the same as a risk. Quick poll: As writers, do you feel like you're taking a risk when you write in a strange POV, or do something stylistically odd? And if you do, can you identify the stakes? What's actually at risk?

The stuff I mentioned first, though--I think that's where I see the real risk. Because that's not a "wow, self, did you really have to omit all the punctuation in this fic?" risk, which is really just a stylistic exercise. It's short-term.

But if you're going to push character/ship somewhere genuinely challenging/delicate/precise, then the stakes get higher.

Of course, you run the risk of incensing readers who disagree with what you're doing, either to your face or elsewhere. Which, as I've said, is terrifying; the Internet is vile. XP

But even if you ignore that, you're putting your relationship with that character/ship on the table. It's between you and them, and if you're really gonna go for something, and try to push the limits of characterization/the ship, there are far more ways to go wrong than right. And even if you're right, it might not feel that way. And like, maybe it's as temporary an experiment as a stylistic exercise, and just for that one fic--but is it? You've changed your relationship with that character/ship forever, even if you go right back to writing them the way you always have before. And maybe you can't--maybe now it's messy, or even mangled, and it doesn't go back.

I feel like in fandom, where we're producing so many stories--largely shortform, generally more than one per person [whether you're reading or writing], largely without regard for whether a character is or isn't dead in canon--killing a character isn't a terrible risk. There's always gonna be a next story, or a previous one. (Plus, it's SPN, so. Resurrection!) I'm not saying character death isn't impactful--I'm just saying that in fandom, it doesn't carry risk the way it might if you were writing a single novel, which is one story, and those characters' only story.

But pushing, stressing, fundamentally changing your relationship with a character (or ship)? That's the point where fandom's prolific eternity doesn't diminish, but rather amps up that risk. Because then it's not just that you have the opportunity to write these characters/ships over and over again--you're going to. You just are. And if you keep pushing, it's going to be different every time, and what you are to each other (you and your character, or your ship) is never going to be the same again.

But I guess that scares me less than writing and realizing you're only writing the same thing over and over again. (I worry about this constantly. /O\) I write both Sam and Dean in a constant state of fear from all sides.

How do you define "writing risk," flist? Have you taken any this year? Can you point to any specific examples?

Oh, an additional "writing risks" I just thought of:

Writing a pairing/character/trope you've never written for the first time, PARTICULARLY if it's a pairing/character/trope lots of people write all the time

But other than that, like, I think SPN itself has kind of accident-proofed us for most of the usual suspects. SPN itself engages in so much writerly risk doing things like "blend genres" or "bend reality" or "set it in a strange place" or even what I mentioned above, in terms of subverting tropes/genres it kind of means we've already got all the keys to the kingdom. XD And if Show softballs something or another and fandom comes up with a more radicalized version of that thing, maybe there's still risk there, but there's probably also this sense of like, "yupppp, that's the fam!"


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