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Elastic Universe
One thing I really love about the SPN universe is the way it bends to necessity. Like, you can be writing a fic and get 20,000 words in and suddenly shout OH GOD I FORGOT ABOUT CASTIEL. And then wonder, okay, I feel like Sam should have called Castiel like... 3,000 words into this, tops. Should he? Is there a reason he can't? What's Castiel doing right now?

But then, because the universe is elastic in that way, you can be like, actually, it doesn't matter. Castiel can, for all intents and purposes, cease to exist for the span of an entire storyline, and that won't feel off the pace at all.

I know lots of people would cry plot hole, or inconsistency, or whatever. But I actually unironically really like the strange uncanny of that. XD I think it's cool. The universe doesn't have rules; only guidelines!

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Failed my MoL entrance exam
free fall
I wonder if I'll look at my bookmarks a few months from now and remember what this is supposed to be?

I don't tend to bookmark gifs these days, but in 2012 I definitely did, and this inspired me to take a peek at those archived links and wow, my ability to describe gifs really degraded in the last few years, really. XDDD Not gonna lie, though, the specificity of this list is a bit mortifying--as is the fact that I'm pretty sure I still know exactly which gif all of these links go to. O_o;;

For the record, "where is this from and why are the colors so nice?" is a gif of Jared Padalecki in Friday the 13th turning to face the camera on a long and dusty road, hair flapping all around. For all that that movie is extremely boring, the production value was quite high and Sam whatever JP's character's name was was beautiful.

EDIT: Actually, you know what? Here it is! Amazingly, that link still works! If you're curious about the identities any of the others, I would be happy to supply them, provided the links are still live. XD

13x18 again again again
fandom text
HI, it's me again! Just checking in to remind you all that I am genuinely still screaming about how much I loved 13x18!!!

If I were better I’d time management, I’d have taken the week to revisit how much I loved 4x18 “Monster at the End of This Book,” 5x18 “Point of No Return,” 6x18 “Frontierland,” 7x18 “Party On, Garth,” 8x18 “Freaks and Geeks,” 9x18 “Meta Fiction,” 10x18 "Book of the Damned," 11x18 “Hell’s Angel” (okay, I’ll be honest, I actually don’t remember what this episode is at all. But 11x17 was “Red Meat” (<33333333333333!!!!!!!!) so let’s just go with that one instead. XD And 12x18 The Memory Remains,” which I remember enjoying but again, I don’t actually know what specifically happens in that ep, uhhh.

Remember the 2014 FIFA World Cup where I made like 97 post about soccer? Well.
Sports interviews are such a strange genre? And I mean in particular the ones they give after they've lost, or wrecked, or both. Because like, your adrenaline's probably through the roof--and I'm not sure if you've ever held a conversation with someone on a major adrenaline high, but they really do sound high. But at the same time, you've just had the high smacked right out of you, and you're also riding out what's probably crushing disappointment. In NASCAR, the reporters typically interview the drivers immediately after the in-field care center clears them (if they were in a wreck), or immediately after the race, and it is always the most dramatically awkward, sadface interview. Some drivers handle it better than others, or will try to put a positive spin on it--all the while plugging their Hendrick Motorsports Lowes for Pros Camaro ZL1--but they're always disappointed.

In today's race my fave narrowly missed a win at his favorite track, coming in second to someone he's come in second to at this track many times before. In his interview immediately after the race he honestly sounded like he was one more probing question away from crying. And then in his longer interview in the media center, he was just so. Visibly. Upset. He was toying with his mic, leaning on his hand, poking at the table, staring at the table, and all the while his answers just kept getting progressively quieter until finally the moderator started to release him and man, he'd jumped up and walked away before she'd even finished her sentence. I know that sounds kind of surly and standoffish but he looked so upset I don't think anyone would begrudged him that. The reporter in the audience who asked a follow-up question sounded genuinely apologetic about even needing to ask a follow-up question, like omg someone please release him. SAVE HIM.

It was a really intense race! It lasted two days due to snow and rain delays; someone who'd led 100 laps got wrecked when cars he was lapping lost control--which means he got wrecked while he was in first, by cars who were at the very back. The track official who was there to make sure he was all right kept like, trying to put a reassuring hand on his back and he was just like aw hell nah, brushing the guy off and trying to get off the track as quickly as possible. Then he got home, only to discover a gigantic tree by his house was felled by the storm, and he was like... "Disappointing end to the race. Got home to this disappointing tree. Guess I'm using candles tonight." SAVE HIM.

And then his bff was also super emotional and on the verge of tears because of the rollercoaster that was his race. He generally feels his emotions pretty deep, but man. The other two are probably some of the most centered, cool guys on the track but what they were doing was just that intense. This race was just that intense.

tl;dr Everyone cried, post-race interviews are honestly some other plane of existence, and that plane of existence is usually synonymous with some deep circle of Hell. I get why the interviews happen but being interviewed under those circumstances would be SO MISERABLE. I mean, best case scenario it's "I just drove 500 miles at 190 miles an hour and it's hot and I haven't eaten and the weather is awful and if you're not first you're last, so wow, I'm glad I get to tell you what losing feels like and why I think I came up short. Cool!" (The alternative being, "Uh, I just slammed into a solid object at 190 miles an hour. Sure, let me tell you all about it.") Saaaaave them.

1. It is APRIL 2018 y'all, and I'm still busily having feelings about HBIC Sera Gamble. ♥

I sit down to a blank page and see my oldest friend. Some days I write something decent. Some days I suck. Whatever. It’s not like I won’t be back tomorrow. [x]

2. My SPN song for today is "Sinner" by Barns Courtney:

Fortune, fortune, smile and fade
I haven't seen you much of late
I need you now, cannot wait
But when I'm looking all around
Never mind then what we do
The night's still good for a gram or two
I'll be drinking late with you
Until the morning comes around

Oh sinners come down
Come, gather round
Oh sinners come now

Yeah, I must be good for somethin'

Specifically, I love the chorus/bridge because man, this dude just belts it out. The stanzas are quiet, almost spoken, but you get to talking about gathering the sinners and he just goes for it. And there's just something extremely SPN poignant to me about shouting to the void, I must be good for something.

It's not a realization and it's not quite an affirmation. It's something you half-believe with full conviction. You're shouting the fact that you're some kind of living irony. You're the righteous; you're the darkness. At this point, who really knows. But oh, you're gonna keep swinging. So come and gather 'round.

Scream it as loud as you can, Winchesters. Make sure someone hears you.

13x18 again again
Dean stands there like that for a while. It reminds Sam of the way he used to find Cas sometimes. Just waiting. Standing. As though when Cas wasn't needed he crawled right back into some angelic oil painting, waiting to be reanimated.

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13x18 again
free fall
Because I've only reminded you twice so far today, I feel compelled to say that even though I'm exhausted enough to have fallen asleep on the bus on the way home, I am home and 13x18 is still the best thing that has ever happened to me.

free fall
Have I mentioned that 13x18 is the best thing that has ever happened to me? I'm not even halfway through this symposium and I'm WRITHING trying to survive until I can go home and watch clips of 13x18 again ahahahahahaha.

Non-spoilery 13x18 Reaction
free fall
Well, 13x18 is the best thing that has ever happened to me; I loved every bit of that and especially Anthony.

Headcanon: Anthony is also the airplane demon from 1x04.

I guess technically that means there's spoilers for a demon named Anthony but I'm pretty sure 90% of the people who watched the episode didn't catch his name and 99.99% (100%?????) don't care!

Everyone bringing their A-game, all the time, forever
As someone who is, by nature, extremely one-track and monofandom, I just wanna state for the record that ALL THE MEDIA is SO GOOD right now and I don't know what to do with myself. Obviously an embarrassment of riches is the best possible media problem to have, but also like... How do I live??? My poor brain can't take it.

Cars fandom = so good rn (there are exactly two people in this fandom who regularly post fic, lol, AND ONE OF THEM IS ME--but somehow I'm still multiple fics/chapters behind on my reading)

NASCAR = so good rn (last weekend was my favorite race to watch so far this season!) And I say that even though my fave's day ended like:

Which is an image that manages to be both heartbreaking and hilarious, because the juxtaposition of someone casually leaning against a car that is very much on fire is quintessential NASCAR, honestly.

Silicon Valley = SO GOOD RN. I rewatch every new ep like three times over the course of the week while I pine for the next

SVU = actually SVU is complete and utter garbage this season, to a genuinely laughable extent, but I ain't mad XD you do you, SVU. Channel your inner daytime drama

SPN pre-S13 = I spent like an hour today rewatching clips from S10 and askfjal;kfja now I just wanna hole up and do nothing but rewatch S9/S10 forever. Unfortunately I don't think that's how life works.

SPN S13 = SO GOOD RN. I have sampled three different copies of 13x18 trying to find the fastest download because I have a deep need to watch [Spoiler (click to open)]Dean wandering around in the snow this very night, even though I have an early and all-day symposium to attend tomorrow and should be asleep

Plus, when I'm writing a fic I have a very difficult time existing effectively outside of the world of the fic, so that fic I keep talking about has basically been derailing my whole life for three months because things like food and exercise and sleep keep taking second seat to it, and I don't really know what to do about that. I keep expecting to eventually finish it, and be released from it, but then I don't, ahaha.

How does one \O/ do all \O/ the fandom \O/ (and also work and achieve homeostasis)

Silicon Valley 5x03

Tell me, is there anything hotter than your fave disassembling every appliance in the house, having taken up smoking amidst his paranoiac ranting about wiretapping, only to then rush off to verbally abuse and then destroy the smoke detector?

No, no there is not.

I LOVE ONE (1) MAN. <3____<3

Let's double-check this.
gumby girl
Yesterday I got to hang out with finchandsparrow and had such an amazing time!!!! We did an escape room, then ate crazy amounts of fried rice and noodles at a Thai restaurant. We got to talk about all the things, and she is

THE. SWEETEST. <333333333333

Also, here’s the most recent song that has reminded me of SPN—specifically S6/S7 vibes. What part of those first two stanzas isn’t soulless!Sam/The Wall? (And I'd like to mention that there is literally an S6/key Soulless!Sam episode that involves spiders, SOOOO.) The last one probably belongs to Dean, through to the beginning of S8, with Purgatory.

Got a head full of spiders
And a heart that isn't here
In a room full of liars
All my demons reappear

Tell the preacher not to pray
There's no angels where I go
Only pieces that I broke and
Scattered dreams across the globe
I'm home

Tried to stay sober, tried to stay clean
Wake me when it's over, like a bad dream
No one’s gonna worry, notice when I'm gone
They wouldn't know I'm missing
Til' they pull me out The Mystic


Dumb Things That Made Me Grin Like an Idiot Today
- Apropos of utterly nothing, remembering "Logging." / "Icecaps." / "Bitcoin. Obama." I don't even know why I find those lines so funny but they're amaaaazing.

- If you type in 13x17 Tumblr automatically assumes you mean "spn 13x17." I remember that being true the last time I was on Tumblr (2014?) and I'm thrilled that that's still the case. Sure, the gig never ends, but you win by outlasting your enemies. BD


I remembering hoping, "Oh man, I hope SPN stays with me through college because it's the only thing getting me through this."

I graduated in 2013.

Then I said, "Oh man, I hope SPN gets me through coursework (aka this Master's Degree)!"

Did that in 2015.

I said, "I hope SPN gets me through prelims!"

Candidacy achieved, 2016.

If I stay on track and defend when I hope to defend, The CW's Supernatural will have been the sustaining lifeforce of my BA, my MA, and my entire PhD, across 8 homes, two states, and two countries.

Whaaaaat!! the!! fuck!!

Dear SPN: Thanks for sticking with me, my friend. <3 Let's ride.

[Fic] ¿Qué pasiones? - gen, pre-series, Sam & Dean
Me, finally posting this approximately a year after it was written. Before the anthology got published, whenever I thought about this fic, I was like, "Man. Why did I write such a boring story?" It's not until re-reading it that I remembered the two things about this that I thought were cool, ahahaha. It was just like, Oh that's why I wrote this story! (The POV and the conceit + S12 ref at the end.)

Title: ¿Qué pasiones?
Genre: gen, pre-series, hurt/comfort, monster theory
Characters: the Impala (POV), Sam, Dean, John, Tasha Banes
Rating: G
Word Count: ~1200
Notes: Written for "Seasons," the spnshortstories gen anthology!
Summary: Two boys in the desert, armed to the teeth with nothing they'll need tonight. The first time anyone sees a chupacabra stateside.

Dean, Sam whispers. Don't turn around.

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where&#39;s perry
I love that the second they drove up to the mansion Dean knew exactly what episode of Scooby Doo they were in. Scooby being one of the heirs to an old Colonel’s fortune didn’t ping him--but the look of the house? Done deal. He was able to ID the episode specifically because he remembered what this exact, animated mansion looked like. Feels like a ref back to this scene to me!

It's not raining, but the roads are wet and the air misty as SAM and DEAN park the IMPALA in front of the inn. DEAN gets out of the driver's side.


Dude, this is sweet. I never get to work jobs like this.


Like what?


Old school haunted houses, you know? Fog, and secret passageways ... sissy British accents. Might even run into Fred and Daphne while we're inside. 

(closing his eyes briefly)

Mmm, Daphne. Love her.  [2x11 "Playthings"]

"Where did he get the coconuts?"
where&#39;s perry

do you need to link your source if the OP is you?

I've made a grave mistake and watched the episode even though it was bedtime and now I may never sleep again

never again


Who is Beverly Fish???
where&#39;s perry

My local community college offers all your standard general education curricula, like:

- The Psychology of Spiritual Growth
- Developing your Psychic Ability
- Ghosts and Demons (pre-req.: Ghost Hunting 101)

And of course, Japanese 2.


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