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dean spiderfucker winchester

Death by Music
free fall
I sat down to work on my dissertation (a practice characterized by deep terror and dread) and put on my classic rock Pandora station.

First song to come up? Tom Petty's Runnin' Down a Dream, which was NASCAR's theme song for the second half of the 2018 season, which just ended yesterday. (Okay, so NASCAR's version was a cover done by the same woman who sang the opening theme for Cars 3, but same song.)


This is gonna go real well.


[Fic] Send Me Down - Dean POV, 14x03-14x05ish
Like last time, I think "fic" would be a misnomer. Just kinda hanging out? Satisfying my extremely boring id desires? Yes, I think that's accurate. XD

Send Me Down. 918 words. Dean POV. Sometime 14x03-14x05. Half-nothing, maybe horror.

Do you think that Phelps guy has ever wrestled a water spirit?Collapse )


Reading Between the Lines
where's perry
THE SCENE AFTER THE TITLE CARD. Sure, it's three minutes long, and part of it is literally just staring at a bus stop in Tennessee, but I have 1300 words of feelings about it. <3______<3

14x06 spoilersCollapse )

free fall

edit: 14x06. 14x06, not 11x06. I'm sure 11x06 was also great but I'm also not sure... which one that was. XDD


breaking news
free fall
DEAR GOD, I LOVE SUPERNATURAL SO MUCH. This isn't even about the episode that is currently airing as I type, though I'm looking forward to watching it later. IT'S JUST A GENERAL FEELING.

EDIT: LOL. I have an alarm that rings every night at 9PM telling me to get off the computer and get ready for bed. It has been the 10x05 rendition of "Carry On Wayward Son" since its inception, so hearing this as an alarm tone is not at all new to me. But it rang just now, in the middle of me having an Emotion, and I started cryingggg.

SO!!!! MUCH!!!

(no subject)
free fall
I genuinely believe that Meredith Glynn is my least favorite SPN writer and side-eye is quickly becoming my knee-jerk reaction to her (sort of like the rest of fandom and the Duo, whom I like) but I would still die for Sam and Dean Winchester 30,000 times.

I hope during the Thanksgiving hiatus I'll be able to go back to 14x02 because I still have unfinished business but this weekend I'm in NYC and last weekend I was in Boston and the weekend before that I was in St. Louis and the weekend before that I performed a trapeze routine and I am very tired!

infamati et obliterati: "The Help" - 14x03 coda
This was going to be a fic, but then I just kind of wanted to hang out with Sam and Dean instead, so I did.

The Help. ~2300 words. S14 gen. TW: brief grotesque animal imagery, possession, issues of consent.

Post-14x03, Dean sets out in search of the bunker's swimming pool, which is totally a real thing that exists, I swear.

Read more...Collapse )

Me at 1:40AM: I know it's far too late to watch this but I JUST WANNA WATCH THE FIRST THREE MINUTES I JUST WANNA SEE DEAN.

Me at 2:26AM, after watching the entire episode against my better judgment: Uhhhh. It's a good thing I haven't downloaded 14x04 yet.


Today in the "worst summary we can think of" Olympics... XD

Dean Victorian swoons after coming face to face with his mother, who importantly shares his surname. Toni, from The Woman of Letters, shot Sam, but that is actually the least of his problems.

My counter-summary: According to Castiel, there's something fishy about that veterinarian...

free fall
Me, having just seen 14x02: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Wasn't sure when I'd have time to watch this weekend but DINNER SPN WAS A ROUSING SUCCESS.

14x01 "Stranger in a Strange Land"
thoughts on disconnection and thoughts on the mechanics of possession and random exclamations of SAAAAAMCollapse )

No spoilers and no negativity, please!

free fall
Here begins your weekly-until-December-and-probably-some-other-random-breaks-thrown-in-there iteration of HELLO THIS EPISODE IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME.

Friends Cut
free fall
I did a friends cut. Nothing special--just if we hadn't spoken in the last year via LJ. If we're friended on another site and interact there and not here, then I figured it made more sense to just stay friends there and not here. And if we hadn't spoken in a year, period, LJ is probably not going to be the place where we begin.

Last time I did a friends cut (many, many years ago...) someone got upset and offended, so please do know that it's not personal and I'm more than happy to re-friend and try again!

[Fic] Mongrels - S9 casefic, post-Gadreel, Dean (POV), Sam, Castiel
I need to do a proper update and also actually read the summergens I've bookmarked, but for now I should do this part before I forget!

Title: Mongrels
Recipient: just_ruth
Genre: casefic, hurt/comfort, S9 post-Gadreel fic
Characters: Dean (POV), Sam, Castiel
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: graphic imagery, imagery associated with self-harm/suicide, issues of consent
Word Count: ~4000
Summary: Just New Mexico things. S9 post-Gadreel H/C casefic written for just_ruth for spn_summergen 2018!

Dean doesn’t know he’s dying until Sam wakes him up to tell him so.Collapse )

Happy "Supernatural Day"!
where&#39;s perry
This weekend while I was hanging out with a friend in Indianapolis, I found this excellent shirt at the Hot Topical:

I'll have to save my "are these dots and Xs canonically sound" examination for my next rewatch. Also, it took me a good hour to figure out the relevance of 9/13 to SPN. I was like "I do not see how these numbers have any narrative relevance" but of course they don't; it's just the day 1x01 aired, because of course it is. Even if it's just a TV date, however, and therefore significantly less interesting to me than an in-narrative date, at least it's ours!

Happy September 13th! May you be raised like warriors, and masterfully infodump on a dimly lit stairwell today. <3

Who Do You Love?
"Who Do You Love?" by George Thoroughgood came on on shuffle just now and my spirit left my body and ascended because!!!! 9x01!!!!!! 9!!!! x01!!!!!

Fun with Photoshop: Image Compositing
I wanted to try image compositing in Photoshop, AND I AM SO PLEASED WITH HOW THIS TURNED OUT??? Please excuse the dust; this Impala has survived eight different moves and as many shelves.


And these have nothing to do with image compositing, but it's hard to work with this diecast without appreciating the level of detail. It has a carpeted interior, y'all. The seats are adjustable. The front wheels turn when you turn the wheel. Look at that engine bay?? There's a spare tire in the trunk (not to mention the tires are all rubber), and the undercarriage/chassis is fully articulated. *mwah*

Process picsCollapse )

Quiet judgment
where&#39;s perry
I literally burst out laughing when I saw this gifset. I know it's supposed to be an affirming scene and that Sam's supposed to be reassured and trusting here, but when I look at this now I swear to god Sam really looks like he just saw the next 12.5 seasons flash before his very eyes. XDDDDD And then those very eyes issued a quiet but resolute "Fuck you, Dean. Fuck you to the moon."


I just laughed out loud, because what in the actual fuck, Dean. WHERE DID THIS TURN OF PHRASE EVEN COME FROM? XDDDDDD

[source: @thejabberwock]

"Cram it with walnuts, ugly." - 5x01 "Sympathy for the Devil"

"So the monsters in Purgatory. Did they come after you? Like, full-on," Sam asks one day, shortly after Benny and Amelia become figments of some distant past. They are 82 miles into a shapeshifter case, though most of those 83 were only circling Spokane again and again. It's the first question Sam has ever asked about Purgatory.

"What the fuck else would they do?" says Dean.

Sam's nose twitches as Spokane blows a tickle of hair across it. "Not like that. I just meant-- I wondered if they still had that kill drive, or food drive, or whatever. They're technically dead over there, right? So there's no reason to eat. No need to, anyway. Without that, what do they do?"

Dean stares hard at the red light before them. He says, "Did you run out of Sudoku or what? They kill things, Sam. They're monsters."

"I'm not saying they didn't, man. I was just wondering if maybe--maybe that's the difference between a monster and an animal. I've always figured it had something to do with survival instinct versus sadist instinct. Or something."

Dean considers this. "You mean like, all vampires want blood. But some of them are dicks about it. Which makes them monsters."

"Sure, I guess," Sam shrugs. "It's not a perfect taxonomy. Your average wendigo isn't an asshole. Just creepy."

"Still cannibalistic, though, which is kind of a dick move. On the other hand, hamsters eat each other all the time. Have you ever seen--"

"--Okay! Cool, Dean. I don't need to imagine R-rated Animal Planet right now."

"Hey, you started this."

They circle Spokane another time. A girl went missing in the mountains three days ago. Generally the way shapeshifters work is people come up double, not zero, but it might be worth a shot.

"Dean," Sam asks. "In Purgatory. What did you eat?"