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Snagged these questions from metallidean_grl!

1. Do you like to drive? I do, if I have time! I don’t like driving in cities or in construction, though. I mean, who does?

2. Do you own a car?  What kind is it? I own a 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i wagon, my baby child. <3333 I’m planning a Quinceañera for this June, his month of manufacture. He's a 2006 who was actually built in 2006, not in 2005.

3.  What is your favorite optional feature on a car? If we’re talking literal factory options, I think I’m the kind of person who’d prefer to not have them vs. have them, though I’ve always thought fog lights were cool—and skid plates. I like the idea of dual-range transmissions, but let’s be real—I don’t use many of the basic features my car has to begin with—the dome lights, for instance.

OH WAIT, NO, KNOW WHAT MY FAVORITE OPTIONAL FEATURE ON A CAR IS. Rubber floor mats. Simple, but invaluable. Why the hell do floor mats come in anything other than rubber? Oh, and roof rack cross bars!

Here are some random, incredibly innocuous qualities my car has that I’ve discovered through driving rentals that I actually really like and would be sad to lose:

- Dash displays ambient temp, trip time, and average MPGs
- Rearview mirror displays direction of travel
- Beeps whenever it is 37 degrees (not useful, just cute)
- Secret cubbies in trunk area around wheel wells.
- Extra space in spare tire well for all the things
- Rear seats fold down flat

Here are some qualities in cars-not-mine that think would be nice to have:

- Engine oil temp gauge, in addition to coolant temp!
- AUX-in, lol
- Backup camera. I had a rental for three days before I realized it had a backup camera because whenever I backed up I was, you know… Looking back, and not at the dash, ahahaha.

A feature I do NOT want in a car is a touchscreen, because that feels like an expensive point of failure/age. Built-in tech in cars makes me wary, because the pace at which tech improves/becomes obsolete means that anything in a car is already gonna be several years behind whatever new phone just came out. And if it goes, you basically have to replace the unit.

4.  How much does gasoline currently cost where you live? I haven’t been in a few weeks, so I’m not actually sure. $2.30/gal?

5.  What is the longest car trip you have taken? The longest overall trip I’ve driven was 6000 eventful miles over the span of a month on the road. The longest I’ve driven consecutively is Ypsilanti, MI to Adair, IA, which is about 700 miles/11 hours. I stopped at the Orland Park Costco and then at an Iowa Costco about 45min from my destination so I would have gas for the following day, and forgot to switch out my CD both times. I thought I was gonna lose my mind by the end of that.

And I remember it feeling incredibly surreal, because once I did stop, the motel in Adair had like… weird amounts of furniture in it? There were extras of everything like the room was also serving as a storage closet. Multiple tables! So many chairs! I like driving in Iowa, though, because it’s so flat and there are so few obstructions you get a 360 degree sunset. I’ve driven through Iowa a few times but never "been" to Iowa, so that’s the one thing I know about it. But if I had to choose a thing to know about a state, that seems like a good one.


My dear jj1564, I miss you already. We weren't super close, but there is a special closeness that comes from sharing journal spaces like these--especially for years and years--and it often felt like we were, because you always spoke so passionately, and were so full of love of everything, from fandom to family (and often, their overlap). You gave yourself generously to us all. You were funny and unabashed and just the sweetest--never stingy with laughs, empathy, and a kind word. I knew you as a writer, raunchy and playful; as a mother, so full of glowing, loving pride. The world is poorer without you, but thank you so much for all the light you brought to it, and will continue to. That glow will stay. ♥

This rewatch would be a second-grader if it were human. (10x18)

OhHHHhHHhhHHHH mYYYYYYY GoDAAFAHFAJFHAHHHHHHh Tonight I picked my rewatch back up (you know, the rewatch I started in literally summer 2014 and still haven't finished) and I LOVE. THIS SHOW. SO MUCH. SO MUCH!!!!!!!

I left off with 10x17 "Inside Man," which I watched in a hotel room in Seattle the night before (or maybe after?) a job interview that later net me a campus visit in Colorado and ultimately broke my heart. Between then and now so much has happened, both personally and globally. But man, fire up the Netflix and 10x18 "Book of the Damned" and my love is instantaneous--in love watching random Styne dudes chase Charlie with this absolutely bonkers score behind it, in love watching Sam on this phone. AND DEAN. MOC!DEAN. Everything was to the nines and all of it was glorious. CASTIEL'S LITTLE FACES. Sam letting Charlie shorthand in two sentences a season and a half of some of the worst parts of his life. Dean and the book of the damned. The fact that Bobby owns a TON of property (safe house cabins all over, apparently!). The Styne who got walked in on in the gas mart by Dean and legit just decided to play the part of store clerk, asking Dean if "that'll be all" and miming the retrieval of change from the register.

It's a good thing I live alone because were that not the case I don't know that my housemates would have appreciated me giggling like a madman through the final montage and belting along with "Behind Blue Eyes," even though I only know 1/20th of the words. I LOVE this show in a visceral stomach-clenching, googly-face-making way. And as much as I keep telling myself I could watch more SPN if I were content to watch it while cooking or archiving or cleaning, I know I really can't because the visual is too important. I need to see the way they look at each other! Sam and Castiel had so many good looks this episode.

Also, look at this beautiful shot:

10x19 "The Werther Project" (alt title: "No, the other suicide box") is up next, which is one of my top favorite episodes. 😊😊😊
everything ends

[Rec] "The Red Convertible" by Louise Erdrich

So, this isn't one of my "read a thing that isn't related to class or current research!" articles/stories, but I wanted to share it anyway, because it's one of the pieces I assigned one of my classes for tomorrow, I just re-read it, and it's great.

It's also about brothers... and cars... and roadtrips (to Alaska)... and PTSD so LOL you see where I'm going here. But with being Chippewa and the Vietnam War, in addition.

What I feel like is done just so magnificently well here happens in the first and last paragraphs. Here's the first one:
I was the first one to drive a convertible on my reservation. And of course it was red, a red Olds. I owned that car along with my brother Henry Junior. We owned it together until his boots filled with water on a windy night and he bought out my share. Now Henry owns the whole car, and his younger brother Lyman (that's myself), Lyman walks everywhere he goes.
The question: How does Henry come to own the car, when he's the one with boots full of water?

Read: "The Red Convertible" by Louise Erdrich (12-page short story)


I LOVE YOU AS MUCH AS "WE ALL LOVE YOU" IN 10x21 <-- put that on a V-Day card

There's nothing quite like being three rotations, an email session, and an assignment prompt draft away from being done for the day to compel a sudden onset of










AAAAAAAAA AA A A a a a a a The kind of love that makes you feel like you've been beaned in the stomach with a soccer ball!!! Makes you wanna run around the room roaring yourself hoarse!!!



I'm watching an episode of Jeopardy and one of the categories is "Dean's List," where all the clues are about people with the name Dean, and I am PERSONALLY OFFENDED that Dean Winchester will not be one. Dean Caine and Dean Moriarty were both clues, so I guess we've got "six degrees of Deans," at least, what with the Lois & Clark writer's connection and the CW connection for Supergirl. And On the Road, of course.

Happy birthday to my HEART OF HEARTS <33333

So, I DID INDEED watch Porky's II! And found out that movie is long enough to make a pot of tomato soup, a pan of roasted brussels sprouts, an over-full pan of broccoli, a very involved grilled cheese; to do all the dishes involved therein; and to EAT said soup and sandwich. Also, there are significantly more graveyard scenes than you might guess from the summary?? And also the KKK.

But I did laugh out loud at one part. Part of the premise is that an interest group is trying to shut down the school's production of famous scenes from Shakespeare plays because of Shakespeare's bawdy jokes, etc. So the kid playing Oberon tells off the head of the interest group by grabbing his dick and making a vulgar gesture. There's a beat, and then the long-suffering but very supportive schoolmarm is just like, "That was not entirely helpful." XD She was my favorite.

And the pretzels turned out fantastically.

I wrote Dean a letter in 2017 for this birthday, and I think I re-read it every year. Everything in it is still very true, except in the first part I'm talking about some 12x08 tag I have no memory of and don't know if I ever wrote it or not--OMG WAIT I THINK I REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS and no, I have not finished that lol... But anyway: Every year I also decide that this letter is too embarrassing to share, so I will go yet another year of simply saying that Dean Winchester is my very favorite in the entire world. Here's to almost 12 years of knowing you. ♥

[Fic] Like They All Do - 15x07 "Last Call" tag, Stanford!era/S15, that cult thing down in Arizona

Happy birthday, Dean. <333333333333

Title: Like They All Do
Genre: 15x07 "Last Call" tag, Stanford!era/S15, "that cult thing down in Arizona," a bildungsroman for the poorly-adjusted
Characters: Lee Webb (POV), Dean, Sam in absentia
Word Count: ~6400
Rating: R for alcohol addiction/withdrawal, drug use, fleeting body horror, a sexual slur
Summary: When that cult thing down in Arizona goes bad, it goes real bad. What Dean wants now, showing up at Swayze's bar like a body from a grave--well. That's anyone's guess.

15x07 "Last Call" tag, Stanford!era+S15--drugs, sex, and GOB.

Or on AO3, with the chapter breaks.

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