Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

#callcastiel for :fail!lulz

I'm trolling my own hiatus, but some things just need to be catalogued for posterity.

You're taking notes. Possibly on metaphysical poetry, possibly not. In any case, there's a word you know exists, but it's being particularly evasive. Incredibly so, actually.

It's something like "the opposite of gluttony," but it's not abstinence, teetotaling, prudence, or Prohibition, though these are the only words that come to mind. You're pretty sure it starts with a P. Generally at that point, you just have to let it go, say something moronic in your notes, and have the proper word occur to you weeks after the fact.

Unless, of course, you know there's a neon mural running around a building on your campus that has That Word lit up in, well. Neon lights.

I'm not entirely sure what this building is for, as odd as it is. I think it has something to do with earthquake simulations (and given the artwork decorating it, it's also possibly SPN 102: Surviving the Apocalypse, 101 being "Averting the Apocalypse".

For me, at least, it's served its purpose.

TEMPERANCE. ...Which doesn't start with a P. But take that, George Herbert! You've been thwarted by the power of Obscure and Rather Pointless Architectural Aesthetics!


...Right. XP I hope you are all doing well. From those I've talked to, these past few days have been particularly blustery on the shitstorm front. So ♥ ♥ ♥ for those who need it (as well as for those who think they don't).

EDIT It's mildly disturbing that White Collar has had a kink meme already. It's been on the air for what, eight weeks? A fandom, I understand, but a full-blown kink meme? O_o;; The genshipper in me is intensely amazed.

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