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My relationship to fandom resembles a cubed root function. (And yes, that's the least ridiculous description I can manage at the moment. Sadly.) So while it takes me a long time to get into things, once something does catch my fancy, I generally fall hard and deep and fast. I have fallen hard and deep and fast for Supernatural. Though judging from yesterday, I imagine this has very little impact on my love for Itachi.

For the curious, my SPN history is as follows: A friend showed me an episode about four years ago, which I hated. (The whole 'hating before loving' thing is also a common trend. My initial reaction to Naruto was equally as unfavorable, haha.) Then caerial gets into it and convinces me to watch all the Castiel episodes over the summer. Reasonably entertaining, if a little crackish. I was mainly watching for Castiel, and the Winchesters were those Other Dudes.

My main interaction with SPN fandom was (and is) through fandomsecrets, which of course is always Srs Bzns. Watched the S5 opener on TV, and proceeded to keep up with S5 through online streams. 5x09 (The Real Ghostbusters) rolls around and I have an epiphany.

I care, it Matters, and I Get It. (This had little to do with the episode itself. I hope. O_o) Then I rapidly watch all the SPN there is to offer, many episodes more than once, and never in order. The last episodes I watched were 3x02, 1x20, and 2x18, if that gives you any indication of the order.

My random thoughts, observations, confessions, and what would be fandomsecrets fodder if I weren't just posting them here:

+ There are not nearly enough gas stations in all of America to keep that car running--and that's saying something. Which brings me back to my original conjecture, which is that it runs on and is maintained by Sparkly Magic and Sheer Force of Will!

+ The "Close Ups" on the S3 DVDs have convinced me Kripke is uninvolved in any aspect of the show I actually enjoy.

+ My favorite Sam scene is in 3x03 (Bad Day at Black Rock) when he loses his shoe down the storm drain. It's perfect. Of everything Sam has ever done, and Jared has ever acted, I am still convinced that this scene is the absolute height of both. ...Seriously, self? Wtf?

+ Dean Winchester gave me a greater appreciation of my mother and her insistence on tape decks and cassettes.

+ ...Whose brilliant idea was it to seal Lucifer with over 600 seals, but only require 66 to break before Lucifer walked free?

+ My main reason for wishing Jo had more cases with the Winchesters, independent of Jo's general awesomeness, is because by themselves, I think they come across as major creepers.

+ J2 still weirds the hell out of me. I feel like it oversteps some boundary of personal integrity. Sorry.

+ I'm convinced the reason Sam's S4/5 storyline was precipitated by Jared Padalecki's hair. (The criticism is born of love, I swear! XP)

+ I liked No Exit (Jo-centric) and Red Sky at Morning (Bela-centric). And while I can't exactly say the same of Heaven and Hell, I didn't think it was terribly worse than the rest of SPN. Certainly not scripting at its finest (even for SPN), but there have been more painful things.

+ I'm as much a fan of Jensen's ability to act as though he's experiencing exquisite pain as the next person, but I didn't like On the Head of a Pin. Overwrought culmination of a gratuitous arc? (Though that is a rant for another time.)

+ I don't ship Wincest and I don't ship Dean/Castiel (nor do I ship Dean/Jo, Sam/Ruby, Dean/Anna, etc.) but whatever floats your boat, right? I'm cool with whatever people ship.

+ I think if I had to choose, I'd ship Sam/Sarah over anything else. As Dean says, "Sam. Marry that woman!"

+ "The Hunter Gets Capture By the Game" (Massive Attack cover, not the original) is my song for Meg, SIR, and Azazel. ...Who the hell has a song for them?

+ Ruby's affinity for french fries? Admittedly, it made me like her more. I should not care.

+ I can't remember any Bitch-Jerk moments. I know they exist, and I know they're a Big Deal so far as "see Winchesters. see how they bond!" goes, but they never stick in my mind. Ever.

+ The sex-ish scenes in SPN are always kind of squicky and awkward; or is that just me? The least brain-breaking was Sam and the doctor in 4x14, and it was trying to convince the audience she was a freaking siren.

+ I like Dean more than I like Sam. Even though it's wrong when Sam's not there, and even though I feel like I should love them equally. Figured it out. As an older sibling (and I am not at all Dean; familial station trumps individual personality, apprently) I tend to identify more readily with Dean and experience the series through him. Like my relationship with the Elric brothers, Dean is my favorite, but Sammy is the most special. <3 And occasionally Special, XP. It is only out of love, #41!

+ I didn't think 2x18 (Heart) was all that sad. I don't care how wet Sam's face was. It was the one episode where I felt like SPN was true to its CW roots. :F

+ I like Castiel a lot less after seeing the rest of the series, beyond Castiel's episodes in S4. Since he's the reason I started watching (thank you caerial) this doesn't feel right. I still like him, but I don't wait for him to show up. #callcastiel

+ I like SIR more as a concept and a memory than I do as an actual living character with lines.

+ I'm scared of 5x11, because I'm afraid that SPN is overreaching its abilities. Generally they're pretty good at knowing what their limitations are; as this is in many ways the series' greatest strength, I don't want them to lose it.

To be continued, once I manage to articulate exactly what I find personally compelling about SPN. And once I finish writing about what I hate about SPN, which is far more straightforward!

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