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My Brother is God and Angels Are Made of LEGOs.

My brother (he's nine years old) made me Supernatural LEGOs. Dean, Sam, Bobby, and the Impala--complete with guns, books, wheelchair, engine parts under the hood of the car, and beer. This is officially the highlight of my Supernatural fandom experience.

Brother: Look what I made!
kalliel: OMG AWESOME. Oooh, I see Bobby, in this wheelchair; Sam, doing research; and... Dean. ...Boozing. XDDDDD
Brother: He has a gun, too. :D

I'm both thrilled and disturbed at my brother's observation of Dean's drinking habits. After this introduction, we re-enacted a few key Impala-centric scenes; naturally, I had to Photoshop these exploits of PURE AND UTTER GENIUS for the benefit of posterity.

It warms the cockles of my heart to know that my siblings enjoy Supernatural as much as they do, it really does. My work here is done, and my life is complete.

1x22 "Devil's Trap." When the Impala crashes, she crashes hard.

2x02 "Everybody Loves a Clown." Dean's dealing with John's death--really!

3x07 "Fresh Blood." Dean teaches Sam how to fix the Impala. This scene breaks me every time.

4x03 "In the Beginning." Dean doesn't even try to avoid temporal paradoxes.

5x22 "Swan Song." #hellodeath

Ironsides!Bobby, Geeky!Sam, and Drunk!Dean chill beside Swanky!Impala.

LEGOs by him; Photoshop by me. Caps also by me, except for 3x07, which is from Oxoniensis.Org (thus explaining why it's so much nicer than the other ones!).

Does fandom have a place to post things that aren't fic...? I'm convinced that the world needs to see these awesomely cute LEGOs. D:

ETA: I am a terrible person; I just threw LEGO!Sam into the back of the demonic semi. Also, we discovered the Impala is not actually big enough for Sam and Dean to sit in it 1) side by side, and 2) with the roof on. XP Also, this video makes me cry and smile and glee and explode SPN!love and I don't know what to do. /watches again The title oft he song used is "Marching On," but listening to it the first time I could've sworn the band was singing, "We're marginal," or "We're martian oil," which confused me greatly! I win at life.

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