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SPN 6x01: "Just don't touch the decor. Assume it's all loaded."

You know, I'd always kind of wondered what my brother thought of 5x22 and Dean's apparent domestication. Dean is his Big Damn Hero; and when you're nine years old I figure there's probably a big categorical difference between a gun-toting, Impala-driving, monster-hunting badass and someone who's just lost everything, and has to pick up the pieces.

Or is there? Before I left for school, he made this:

Brother: Sam and Dean live in this house. The Impala's too big for the garage, though, so Sam's car gets to go in there. [Sam's car looks like a white Honda Civic.]

kalliel: Wow, look! It has a basketball hoop, and a grill, and a lawnmower, an apple tree, a nice lawn, bikes... And they have mail, and Bobby's sitting on a bench looking at a map, and... Is that a hex bag?

Brother: Yeah! LEGO comes with hex bags. :D
For earlier editions of LEGO!SPN, I implore you to check out Supernatural: Legacy in LEGOS if you haven't already, because it's adorable. But I digress. 5x22. Domesticated!Dean. 6x01.

Dean walks the perimeter; Devil's Trap in the doorway, locks, salt, sawed-offs. It's more caution than he's exercised in the past, even while hunting. Maybe when you're going to Hell, or the whole damn world goes to Hell, it's hard to care about whether the doors are locked or not.

But he's barefoot.

He takes his alcohol in a glass. There's probably three more in a kitchen cupboard; a family set. They have the pictures to prove it. (Family, that is.)

He keeps the Impala's keys on his person, even though she probably hasn't moved from under that tarp since he parked her there. She probably hasn't been there since Day One; a garage is part of a home and on Day One, it sure as hell wasn't hers.

"Do you have any clue what walking away meant for me?"

Lisa's not surprised to find Dean skulking around their garage. Even if he nearly shot the neighbor's Yorkie. It happens, Dean says.

Which means it's happened before and no one ever promised it wouldn't happen again.

Because, like everything else, it will always happen again. Life is cycles.

"This, something else...something's coming, and you can't stop it."

Sam believes otherwise. If anything, life is presently more linear than it's ever been before. For him, Dean 'gets out' and he doesn't come back. Maybe it's because Sam got out too, albeit from a very different place, and he knows that he can't really come back, either.

Or maybe he remembers--he and Bobby both remember--what the past few years have been. Dean hit bottom hardest. Even if it wasn't the hunting that did it, but all the fine print Apocalypse shit, written (quite literally) in blood.

Still, it was the best year of Lisa's life, even it if wasn't Dean's.

"Do I look out to you?"

Houses today may not be made of glass, but there's a transparency of routine and character that doesn't happen when you're living in your pockets.

Magazines on tables and vibrant citruses in iron fruit bowls don't mean much to neighbors, but to hunters it's like you're standing in the nude. Look at this photograph--you're happy. To neighbors, this is meaningless; cameras point, and you smile. It's reflex. 24-hour development, and you have $4.99 of 35 millimeter memories.

When a hunter sees a photo like that, even just their looking implies a latent accusation.

They're both wrong, you know--the Winchesters. Life isn't anything like either of them think it is, even half a dozen resurrections over average. It's moving, though; they're right about that. Has moved, has been moving, will continue to move.

Seatbelts recommended.

"I already got my car set up how I like it."

ETA 1: Not behind the cut because I swear to god this is not a spoiler. Can I tell you how much I loved this scene? All 12 milliseconds of it?

Where Dean's being confronted in (his) kitchen, and he puts his hand to his mouth--classic Dean gesture! I have a life--but ends up throwing his hands out wide instead. The former is closeting and suggestive of privacy, of sweeping things where they can't be examined by either party. The latter is the exact opposite--it is open, it is bare. And he's standing in his kitchen. ♥!

...Don't look at me like that. I swear I'm not making this up! :S

ETA 2: Holt shit, kamikazeremix is due on Monday, isn't it. @_@ I should probably like, do real work now or something. So I can then write that.

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