Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Fic Recs~! (kamikazeremix & 6x02 tag)

kamikazeremix was fun! In terms of writing, I stupidly forgot about it until the eleventh hour (more accurately, thirteenth hour), but my remixee was not appalled, so I count this a win. On the receiving end, my remixer did a phenomenal job. :)

Out of the Flames (The Rising from the Ashes Remix) by moosesal
Nothing like running around in a dark cemetery at four in the morning getting the shit kicked out of them all by the ghost of a three-year-old.

* The original was this random short thing I'd written to explore Sam's character when I was first getting into writing SPN fic. The middle portion of the remix does such a fantastic job of doing what I'd tried to do--moosesal gets deep into Sam's head with this lovely, sparse stream of consciousness narration that's tense and beautiful and amazing. I do wonder who originally got my fic, though--moosesal was a god (aka pinch-hitter). I know it's not the case, but it kind of makes me feel like the original really was that unpalatable. XDD
Tags: pov:sam, character:dean, character:sam, genre:gen, genre:character.study, length:1k-5k, rating:pg-13, season:pre-series.


And then, a fic I randomly read while sitting around in the hallway outside the office where I work! Was really awesome and made my pathetic sitting-around-in-the-hallway wildly less pathetic!

there's no place like by theredfeather
The dashboard is coated with a layer of dust. Dean hasn't been home in a while.

* Smooth read--gorgeous imagery and diction, but nothing florid. They are familiar words and familiar places, touches, tastes; it's as much a homecoming for the reader as it is for Dean. And yet, it's not 'back to normal,' per se; it's not entirely the same rhythm. But it's close, and it's enough. 6x02 tag.
Tags: pov:dean, character:dean, character:sam, genre:gen, genre:tag!fic, length:<1k, rating:pg, season:6, special:relationship, special:car&conversation. More fantastic fics?

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