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Dear Self,

Please do not start writing comment!fic in August without finishing it. And in the event that you do, indeed, save it for later, do not stop in the middle of a sentence. Your two-months-in-the-future self does not appreciate this.

His head sinks down to Dean's nape, and he can taste the sweat in Dean's hair when he breathes in, feel Dean go rigid under his exhalation. Forehead to skull, Sam rocks with the syncopated irregularity of both their breaths.

Faint pulse of muscle and tendon as Dean's jaw clenches, unclenches. And again. The motion rolls down his body. Sam just

Somewhat related--why does my gen stuff sound more smutty than my actual attempts at smut?


GEN/HORROR: sharp_teeth!

hoodie_time H/C MEME!

So much fun, so little time. What do I dooooooooo?!

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