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Three conversations I overheard while walking around campus today:

"I registered for the MCAT."

Two boys discussing basic science (by which they meant fundamental, core science, not basic as in elementary). The first dude was like, I want to deal with basic science. Not fruit fly stuff--where it's just study for the sake of academic curiosity. I want to do stuff that matters to the world. The second guy chimes in, says drosophila are an integral part of tons of meaningful resarch! A discussion of the measurable merits of drosphila ensues.

A collection of students playing basketball: "We have racists, and sexists. So what does that make you think about humanists?"

Don't ever change, uni. Don't ever change.

Tangential, but on the topic of dialogues: It's interesting how you can have prolonged, fully engaged contact with a person that between the two of you, a full dialect develops. There are phrases and allusions and references and entire speech patterns that you do not use with anyone else. It gets to the point where when you speak with others, you need to consciously sift out all of these bits of colorful linguistic flair.

And then that person disappears, and with them entire sections of your language. And it's weird--because you think of all these natural idioms and vocabularies that you will probably never use again.

Maybe that's too vague to be of import, but it came up today when I went to say something and I thought, no, I can't say it that way. Because there is one person in the entire world for which that response would make sense in this context--and she is not this person.
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