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Hodgepodge Post - October in Review

I did one of those "What do your LJ Friends do for Halloween?" memes on a whim; some of the results were pretty hilarious/accurate. XD

helike dressed as a character from Harry Potter and the Tribunal of Justice. (I can actually almost see that.)
kuchren dressed as a senior button pusher. (What the hell, Mei? XP)
naatz dressed as a particle. (ONLY YOU.)

Other than that, life's been packed--though I can't begin to explain what, exactly, what entails. Pictures for highlights?

Habitat for Humanity helped landscape a yard/paint a house/put in someone's white picket fence. The homeowners were very sweet and played excellent music. When we were driving there we got pulled over by two cop cars because we were driving so slowly. I think they thought we were drug dealers cruising for customers. Then they told us to lock all of our belongings in the trunk and not to park in any alleyways, to give you some idea of the neighborhood.

Really fantastic experience; I encourage you all to look up your local chapter if you have one. It's interesting the breadth of people who come to these events--some of us were hardcore and knowledgeable. Others didn't seem to know what a hoe was, and seemed honestly perplexed as to why anyone would work that hard at anything. Most of us were somewhere in between, like me.

Rowing with Scholars Society early Halloween morning. We got to learn the basics of rowing, as well as dragonboating, which was fantastic. I rather liked the rowing, though dragonboating was a little too intense. XD My sense of rhythm is pretty bad all around, but I love being out on the water.

My pumpkin. \O/ I haven't carved one in some time, so I basically just ended up hacking at it with my pocket knives, but it turned out much better than I expected.


I may be girlcrushing a bit on Sera. Girlcrushing a lot on Sera. I want to write her love letters; unfortunately, that would require postage. I think part of the reason I enjoy her so much is because fandom proper seems/seemed to detest her so. I think she's hilarious. And it tickles me that she seems to approach Show from such a fannish perspective; her press release/spoiler reveals always sound so crazily excited. XDD Also, BIGGEST MOUTH EVER. SO MANY SPOILERS THIS SUMMER.

This is probably why people dig RPF; it's just that my innate fangirl!genes for RPF have apparently manifested themselves in the Sera fandom. If RPF for the SPN crew (rather than the cast) existed, I'd be all over that shit. Not sexing each other, mind you; just sitting about in their writing room or however TV people do these things. /nods


from my non fiction course:
Professor: Your TA almost wrote you a note on questionable ethics you presented in your piece; I'm not sure why.
kalliel: ...Because parts of it read like some sort of depraved rape/dismemberment fantasy? S:
Professor: Well, sure, fine--but it's about crickets!
kalliel: Yes, it's about crickets.
Tags: fandom: spn, i can't watch tv like a normal person, pics or it didn't happen, strange tales from the southern front

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