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it takes ~27 seconds to fall asleep on my couch

Hell itself could not pull me out from under this blanket. Or these boots, or these jeans (which I very definitely typo'd as 'genes'), or this supremely awkward position on the couch, which makes reading the right-side pages of all these books strenuous wrist exercise. Except maybe a shower, because this blanket's static cling is making my hair take on the whole mountain woman look.

Or a brownie, irrespective of my hair.

Also, I need to stop reading this book (Poems of Akhmatova--left side Russian, right side English). There's unstamped post cards and shopping receipts and grocery lists and To Do Post-Its and a $2 dollar bill in this thing, and it's only bound to collect more shit if I keep carrying it around. Luckily that midterm is done and gone, so it really can go back on the bookshelf.

My notes for the next exam: delay differential equations. And so help me, the only thing I can think of is how the sudden proliferation of MotW creatures in S6 would have affect the population of hunters in the United States.

Tom Wolfe's "Yeager" makes me want to fly airplanes.

...Hello, random collection of unrelated thoughts! But it's been that kind of day. I blame Mandelstam and his strange conceptions of time, which my professor could only explain as "a rolled-up rug." Which is very literary.
Tags: academia, mistaking reality for spn again, strange tales from the southern front, timetimetime, trufax, unapologetic hit-and-run

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