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Karmic Retribution & SPN!fic for gabby_silang

When I christened my laptop "Samputer" last spring, it was primarily related to his sudden and inopportune demise, and the soul-selling involved in getting it back. I did not foresee that this name would be problematic in the future.

Because Samputer is once again having issues which, as near as my amateur Google-sleuthing can diagnose, involve his logic board.


I feel like this is some kind of karmic retribution, somehow. Or Samputer feeding off Robo!Sam's broken soullessness, or something. Whatever it is, it's worrying me lots and making me unhappy. I've cleaned things and run scripts and all kinds of weird crap, but Samputer's moodiness is still variable. Why do you only do this when I'm writing final papers? WHY.

Also, I think someone sabotaged my bike. Not because it was my bike specifically, I mean; but because people are sometimes assholes. My brakes are all twisted around the handlebar shaft in all manner of ridiculousness. Aside from that visual, it took me 30 yards to come to a full and complete stop, even though I was on level ground and going like ten miles an hour.

So I'm sensing outright brake failure is imminent--and again, WHY. WHYYY.

In brighter topics: I think "written" is too strong a verb, but by some extracurricular means I ended up with episode tag comment!fic.

Title: For Gabby // Spit
Genre: pre-series, gen, character study, vaguely crack-ish
Character: Sam, OFC, peripheral Bobby/Dean/John
Rating: PG for questionable hygienic practices
Word Count: ~600
Notes: For gabby_silang, as well as Sam's apparent fascination with dogs in 6x08. Spoiler-free.

When Cheryl putters the truck into an I-90 turnout some five hundred miles out of the salvage yard and starts liberating the remnants of a dog from the sticky-hot asphalt with a hunting knife, Sam really doesn't have a choice but to go along with it.
Tags: fandom: spn, fic: spn, sam!kinks, trufax

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