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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)

Totally just saw the midnight premiere of Harry Potter 7 tonight.

DISCLAIMER: My perspective on Harry Potter is somewhat warped, in that I have literally no personal investment in the series itself. But I have a lot of respect for it in terms of its contribution fandom; there's a lot of energy there, a lot of passion, and a lot of really cool things have come out of Harry Potter fandom.

In any case, this movie made me realize how many free passes I give SPN*. XD This whole movie, for me, was basically this detatched assessment of minor logic fails (why would Dumbledore be buried with the wand? Doesn't that seem like an obvious place for it? Why did H2 let Ron go off by himself? Isn't he a wanted criminal as well, and therefore allowing him to go it alone is tantamount to suicide? Why are we having a big wedding, digging a grave, visiting all of these highly symbolic and obvious places? Why don't the Death Eaters use magic more effectively?) and writing hiccups and wow-the-budget-for-this-was-huge. Which made me feel really bad! Because I'm all for free passes and benefit of the doubt. And I really wanted to just sit back and enjoy the movie as would an actual fan. But apparently it doesn't actually work that way!

*I wish I could catch SPN!logicfail like that; most of it just flies under the radar unless it's truly obvious.

I think my favorite scene was in the historian witch's house in Godric's Hollow. The tension and snake-related shock value in that scene was really nice. I also loved the wedding at the beginning, and the scene where Harry and Hermione were dancing; happiness is an EXCELLENT THING TO HAVE when the world is ending.

Least favorite--Dobby's death scene. Even if I was a fan, I can't get behind Pre-Mortem Speeches; especially not with that music in the background. D:

I thought the scene with Bellatrix and Hermione was really well done, too; the intimacy of that scene just screamed RAPE and Emma Watson did her share of chilling screaming, too. Though it makes me wonder--why did Bellatrix stop there? There's so much more she could--and characteristically, would--have done. Why not carve 'mudblood' into Hermione's entire body?

--Though that might be the SPN talking. Sometimes I forget that the entire world isn't as gung-ho about violence, carnage, and torture as Show appears to be. (Same with the historian lady; Show totally would have shown the body. I rather enjoy the power of implication, normally, so I can't say showing the body would necessarily have been the stronger choice, but I really was expecting it.)

I think the movie's biggest flaw was this intense insistence on making everything into a Symbolic Moment. I'm all for Symbolic Moments, but if you're going to have your wedding as a Symbol of Hope, and your homecoming as a Symbol of Love, and your symbolic items and your symbolic symbols, I feel like you need to balance that with... frustrated symbolic moments? Defining moments you want center-staged but you can't realistically have?

Like--you can't have all three of your cakes and eat them all, too.

Its greatest asset was definitely all the fanservice.

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