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I just got less sleep last night than my sister did, pulling her "all nighter."

My roommate, ippoddity, and I made a pact last night--we were going to go to sleep by 2am, no matter what! 2:30 at the latest!

2am rolls around, and this changes to 3am! 3:30 at the latest!

3:30 rolls around... 4am! At the latest!

Which is eventually true, though "wake up at 7am, at the latest!" became "wake up at 6:30am! at the latest!

I'm completely not tired, though; just sad. Because at 4am I was so wired it would have been easy to just keep studying and, apparently, better utilize the 2.5 hours. NOT THAT TWO HOURS WOULD HAVE HELPED ME ALL THAT MUCH, but maybe, maybe. In other news, neurotoxins blow, biodiversity should not exist, and I'm very bad at coming up with legitimate hypotheses regarding co-evolution/co-diversification of insects and...other stuff! And actually remembering specific examples of chemical control outside of "RAEGING SYNTHETIC PESTILENCE BLOSSOMING IN THE SKIIIIIES."

Oh, academia. Why are you so cruel to me. Ah, lackaday. Onto the next exam. Apologies for the never-ending stream of hit and runs, flist--I love you dearly and I promise to catch up on your lovely, lovely entries when I can.

I presently have glorious plans of unashamedly watching SPN 6x10 at the airport terminal tonight. Must keep my eye on the prize! 8)

BIG FAT EDIT: Lol oh god, that was not an episode to watch in public. The nice ladies reading romance novels next to me kept looking. NSFW. NSFW. How is this show even allowed on television???

Actual episode reaction post to follow, after I GET OUT OF THIS AIRPORT.
Tags: academia, siblingship, unapologetic hit-and-run

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