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SPN Fic Masterlist

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fics listed with this border have been recced by someone at some point, and might be a good place to start :)

Newest (September 2013):

6x15 "The French Mistake" divergent timeline | 9900 words | mediastorm, drama, fabulism, outsider POV | OC, Jo, Dean, mentions of Sam and other guests | libel and slander, dead bodies, alcoholism | for spn_summergen 2013

"The French Mistake" goes awry, the Titanic doesn't sink, and Eve never dies. Jo and what's left of her family pick up the pieces:

RITUALISTIC PRACTICES AT HOME TURNED DEAN WINCHESTER TO SATAN AT AN EARLY AGE, Rev. Don Dawson confirms. Proposes funds be allocated from the Department of Defense for county-wide religious cleansing. -- NEWS@11: String of racial hate crimes last August points to Dean Winchester. -- Dean Winchester's Home Invasion: The Girlfriend's Not Talking, But the Neighbor Saw it All -- EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW--

100 Miles on a Stretch of Empty Road
all seasons | all genres | all characters| 100 one-sentence prompts

Family. Dean's sitting in the car, wiping salt out of a gun barrel, when their latest client asks Dad, How do you do it? keep on? and Dad just says, "Got someone waiting for me in California."


watch once down
pre-series (1970s), 6x17 "My Heart Will Go On" | 1000 words | character study, angst, horror | Bobby, Karen, Ellen | canon character death | for spn_las

Karen's American Timeless, in the tradition of American Gothic but with more cathode rays and fewer pitchforks. Then one day, life goes to hell in a Rubbermaid.

The Runaway Bunny
circa 1986 (Sam is 3), Stanford!era | 1600 words | angst, drama, hurt!Dean (abandonment issues) | Sam, Dean, peripheral John | for ohsam

He said to his father, 'I am running away.' 'If you run away,' said his father, 'I will run after you. For you are my little bunny.'

circa 1986 (Dean is 7) | 4000 words | horror, hurt!Dean | Dean, OC, peripheral Sam, John | molestation, child abuse (drug overdose, poisoning, intentional infliction of illness on a child) | for hoodie_time

They're in Tulelake, California. John is hunting ghosts, and Sam and Dean are searching for security, when the neighbor lady begins to develop an unhealthy fixation on Dean. How do you escape the person who's supposed to be keeping you safe?

[You wear anxiety like an old hat. But this is a home, not a graveyard. This is a friend. (This is a friend.)]

Beatty, 1988
circa 1988 (Dean is 9, Sam is 5) | 42,000 words | case!fic, horror, angst, hurt!Dean (mindfuck, pain) | John, Dean, Sam, Pastor Jim, OCs | dean's first kill, grotesque imagery, character death, demonic possession, brief sexuality | for spn_j2_bigbang (2010)

Kid's got a .45 trained on him, too. Pops it out of his old man's jacket and flips the safety, smooth as smiling. It's not the motions of a kid who grew up wishing for a Red Ryder, or a kid who shot rats from the loft in the barn--way he holds it, this gun's shot things that knew they were being aimed at.

Kid can't be more than nine.

Anything But Butterflies
circa 1993 (Sam is 10) | 700 words | angst, drama | Sam, Dean, peripheral John, OCs

"So how come you never had that party, Sammy?"

circa 1995 (Jo is 10) | 1000 words | angst, character study | the Harvelles

Jo's not that sunny-side up little girl anymore. She's ten years old and she's a woman, like her mom. She's a fighter. She's a Keep Going-er. She's just got to say one last thing.

Raise it Up
circa 1995 (Jo is 10) | 200 words | angst, character study | Caleb, Ellen, Jo | for spnquotefic

And then Ellen asks, "Have you seen John?"

Playing with Fire
circa 1995 (Sam is 12) | 800 words | angst, case!fic, hurt!Dean (burns) | Sam, Dean, John

It's 4:13am on a Thursday in November, and Sam Winchester is using grave dirt to smother the fire that came up with Dean. It feels too much like a burial to feel like a rescue.

circa 1995 (Dean is 16) | 1700 words | hurt/comfort (hospitalization, broken bones, permanent injury) | Dean, OFC | for hoodie_time

That's the big difference between little old ladies and babies (the kind you pull from fires), he's decided. Little old ladies have some idea of their own culpability. Don't matter whether it's real or imagined, they know guilt and given the opportunity they stew in it just like everyone else.

circa 1997 (Dean is 18) | 2300 words | gen, hurt/comfortish, parenting, smoking!Dean | John, Dean, Sam | for alexadean

What it comes down to is, John is too late for everything but what's ahead of them. If he runs fast enough, maybe he'll be far enough ahead to turn around and face what's left.

circa 1998 (Sam is 15) | 600 words | humor, horror, character study | Sam, OC, peripheral Dean, John, Bobby | grotesque imagery | for gabby_silang

When Cheryl putters the truck into an I-90 turnout some five hundred miles out of the salvage yard and starts liberating the remnants of a dog from the sticky-hot asphalt with a hunting knife, Sam really doesn't have a choice but to go along with it.

Don't Forget Winona
pre-Stanford!era | 6000 words | drama, character study | Sam, Dean, peripheral Bobby, Bela, John | for spn_summergen

It's dragging them across the country and running them into the ground and it's not ever going to stop. Not unless someone turns around and refuses to accept that this is the best they can do.

Stanford!era | 800 words | angst, hurt!Dean (alcoholism) | Dean, peripheral Sam

Strangers need you, even if your family doesn't. Maybe someday--four years from now, ten, maybe at the end of the fucking world--Sam will be a stranger. Sam will be a total fucking stranger.

Stanford!era, Wee!chesters (Sam is 11, 13, 18+) | 4600 words | angst, case!fic, hurt!Dean (emoceans, broken rib, blood loss), hurt!Sam (guilt, blood loss, bruising) | Sam, Jess, Dean, OCs (Stanford friends) | for hoodie_time

"See, this is what happens when you don't speak up for yourself, Sam. People fill in the blanks for you. Trailer trash from the Valley, right?"

That Were
pre-series (Dec. 2004/Jan.2005) | 11,300 words | hurt/comfort (fever, cough, abandonment issues), drama, case (sort of ) | Dean, Walt and Roy (from 5x16), Sam by default | suicidal ideation, suicide attempt

31 December 2004, 9:52pm: Dean decides to work a case with Walt and Roy. Problem 1: Fever from hell. Problem 2: Selkies. Problem 3: Probably everything else. (Death is not the only consequence of drowning.)

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1x01 "Pilot" tag | 800 words | character study | Sam, Dean

Sam's trying to clear a path back out of the wood and the tile and mildewed asbestos, because apparently crashing through a house is easier than backing out of one.

Rose, Rose
Stanford!era, 1x01 "Pilot" tag | 1800 words | humor, horror, mindfuck, angst | Sam, Jess | crossdressing

It's tight at his hips and pulls taut over his pelvis like fondant on a wedding cake and christ, is he in a wedding dress? Backtrack this thought process: Is he in a dress?

1x01/02 "Pilot"/"Wendigo" alternate timeline | 5000 words | case!fic, hurt!dean (permanent injury, amnesia) | dean, oc, sam, various peripheral characters | farming | for hoodie_time

"You're a ranger." Three and a half decades of occupational pride and personal honor condensed into three words. "You're a ranger, and you got caught in...your own bear trap?"

Dean rolls his eyes. "That's probably why I need another job."

early S1 | 3000 words | case!fic, hurt!Dean (gunshot, blood loss) | Sam, Dean | for hoodie_time

Against Sam's better judgment, the Winchesters follow their father's coordinates deep into California's sequoias. They don't know what they're there for, but they're pretty sure it's not the drug cartel they find instead.

In Loving Memory
1x02 "Wendigo" tag | 2700 words | angst, character study | Sam, Jess, Dean | for summer_sam_love

Dean doesn't understand, but when your girlfriend burns, fire doesn't remind you of her. Everything does.

What the Thunder Said
between 1x12 "Faith" and 1x14 "Nightmare" | 8200 words | angst, case!fic, hurt!dean (blood loss, shock), hurt!Sam (visions, insomnia) | Sam, Dean | for hoodie_time

Your visions must have dropped the ball, because this has already happened; you are past this. Dean is fine.

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One (Two)
early S2 | 1700 words | horror, case!fic, hurt!Dean (poison) | OC, Dean, Sam | for spn_summergen

"I just ate a poisonous, demonic butterfly because--God only knows--you said that was the only way to gank this thing. I'm not exactly jonesing for a second helping he--"

Zoot Suit
pre-2x14 "Born Under a Bad Sign" | 300 words | horror, character study | Meg | brutalization of a woman| for spnquotefic

Meg pulls this one from a Dumpster in East Los--neo-pachuco wannabe, life choked out of her with her own gold chain.

memories of my melancholy whores
pre-series (2004) - 2x14 "Born Under a Bad Sign" | 9700 words | femmeslash, character study, horror, psychological, angst | Meg; Meg/Lisa, Meg/Sam, Meg/Bela, Meg/Jo, Meg/Jess, Meg/Dean, Meg/Amanda Walker (1x04), Meg/OFC, Dean/Lisa | dubious consent, psychological torture, possession | for spnfemmeslashbb

It's like pressing a bruise. It's like pounding against a bruise until you split open and you start falling out of your own skin. Like your bruise is your entire world; you see in shades of black and purple and sometimes plum-red. You are a millimeter from the walls in any direction. And you're pressing at that bruise; the small coin-shaped one at your elbow, waiting for it to blossom before you, so you can feel something--anything--at all. More often than not, what you feel is cooling blood, sticky between your fingers.

On possession and being possessed: How to love your body (or someone else's). How to survive an encounter with the other side. And how to survive the Winchesters, no matter what you are.

2x14 "Born Under a Bad Sign" | angst, hurt!dean (trauma, permanent injury, pain, illness) | dean, sam | aftermath of demonic possession, guilty!sam, mask all that nasty pain, samn'dean

There's a tingling buzz down his arm and for a moment his arm disappears entirely. Then the pain comes back.

stranger in your own home
2x17 "Heart" | 1600 words | romance, drama, character study | Madison, Sam | brutalization of a woman, trauma | for summer_sam_love

"Basically, you're telling me that the one thing that made me feel like I was powerful, like I had any control over what happens to me--that thing turned me into a monster."

Sam chuckles. Everything about him is quiet. "Isn't that always the way?"

For Roque
mid S2 | 400 words | fluff, hurt!Dean (broken leg, hospitalization) | Sam, Dean | for roque_clasique

"Oh, this is definitely helping. Pack these for me, would you? Nonono--god Sam, have you never seen a Bette Davis film? Ahhh, there we go. Light me another one, will you? I wanna try the Now, Voyager thing."

See No Evil
2x21/22 "All Hell Breaks Loose" | 1300 words | horror, case!fic | Sam, Dean

Tangled silk and wreaked feathers everywhere. Floor streaked with blood and fat and flesh. It flakes underfoot, where the thinnest film has dried already. The Winchesters don't linger.

2x21/22 "All Hell Breaks Loose" AT | 850 words | horror (psychosis) | Dean, Sam | for hoodie_time

Sam opens his mouth and out comes D E A T H in big block letters. You ask him to repeat that.


circa summer 2006 | 6300 words | case!fic, angst, hurt!Dean (flu, fever, nausea/vomiting) | Sam, Dean

"Coulda just done that on you, Sammy," Dean pants, wiping the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand. "But then I thought, you've only got the one pair of demon-hunting shoes. And I'm an awesome brother."

Nature, Red
S3 alternate timeline (Dean's deal averted) | 1300 words | angst, hurt!dean (long recovery) | Dean, Sam | for hoodie_time

The Grand Canyon is underwhelming. Maybe it's the heat, or the sick, or the painkiller blackout, but it looks like the rest of Arizona. It's a pile of red rocks and a handful of deep, thin places without them.

Here There Be Tygers
S3 divergent timeline | 6100 words | hurt/comfort (anterograde amnesia), curtain!fic, horror | Sam, Dean | questionable care-taking ethics | for spn_summergen

The problem with Dean's memory is, it means he asks that question about eight trillion times more ("Sammy, are you okay? well, are you?") and as far as Sam's concerned, the answer matters even less. The problem with Dean's life is, it's supposed to end this year. And the problem with Dean's brother, well. Sam's still working on that one.

Here There Be Tygers (sad poetry remix)
S3 divergent timeline | 3000 words | hurt/comfort (anterograde amnesia), curtain!fic, grief/angst | Sam, Dean | for seeing_ghosts

It's not Hell, Hell-that-knows-no-end Hell, but it's a hell without a beginning and maybe that's just as bad. Sam is, after all, the Boy King, Prince of Hell, Ruler of the Demon Hordes, and whatever else. Maybe his majesty is just annexing new territories.

We Could Stay
3x11 "Mystery Spot" | 400 words | angst, horror | Sam, Dean | spnquotefic

Sam can still feel the .45 in his hand, the recoil as he puts a bullet through Dean's skull and the plasterboard behind him. It would have been an impressive shot if Sam could bring himself to care.

they will danse
mid S3 | 900 words | angst, horror | Dean, Sam | for hoodie_time

Smoke sleeping under his tongue, lurking between his teeth, roaring through his sinuses. "So what do we do now?"

Full Stop
mid S3 | 300 words | angst, horror, hurt!Dean (coma) | Dean, Sam | for hoodie_time

"It probably saved his life." Because head trauma does that.

he saw the giant sea above his head
3x16 "No Rest for the Wicked" | 1100 words | angst, hurt/comfort, hurt!Dean (anxiety, nausea, scars), hurt!Sam (anxiety) | for hoodie_time

There's a thin scar, running jagged through Dean's hair, that Sam knows too well. You can't see it unless you're close, unless you know it's there. But Sam's close, and he knows, and he sees it. He'll see it forever.

White Picket
3x16 "No Rest For the Wicked" | 800 words | angst | Sam, an absent Dean | grotesque imagery

Sam digs a four-foot trench, then hits clay. He doesn't know how the trees grow here. (Sorry, Dean. Four feet under.)

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Hell | 1100 words | horror, hurt!Dean (mindfuck) | Dean, Alistair | torture

Look at where you are. Just look around. Look at your company. Whole damned place is just one big m i r r o r .

Hell | 700 words | horror, angst | Alistair, Dean, John | torture, patricide | for spn_demons

Dean Winchester is Alistair's Sistine Chapel, and this is his unveiling.

a piece of night
early S4 | 700 words | hurt/comfort (PTSD, Hell - Dean), angst/fluff (fluffy angst?) | Dean, Sam | Dean/Hell, subliminal Sam/Ruby | for spn_las

And then Sam says a name Dean's never heard before in clear air. It's the kind of name you can't say right with all your teeth, or all your tongue. Dean wonders.

Sesame Seeds
loosely post-4x10 "Heaven and Hell" | 3000 words | hurt/comfort (fever/exhaustion/nausea - Dean), angst/fluff (fluffy angst?) | Sam, Dean, Ruby | for hoodie_time

There's a mixture of sad frustration and contentment stewing at the back of his throat as he breathes in the scent. He's cooking, and Dean's on the floor, nursing a five hundred degree fever, and they're together, and there aren't any chairs, and this is as good as it gets.

Devil's in the Dentals
4x18 "Monster at the End of This Book" | 200 words | horror, character study | Lilith | for spnquotefic

Today, evil is a dental hygienist named Suzy.

4x20 "The Rapture" | 1000 words | horror | Claire Novak, Castiel, periperal Winchesters | Coraline fusion, juvenile trauma, character death | for sharp_teeth

His eyes are buttons and he is a marionette, and he is not her father.

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Holding Vigil
5x16 "Dark Side of the Moon" alternate timeline | 1100 words | horror | Meg, Roy, Walt, the Winchesters' bodies | grotesque imagery, character death, brief sexuality | for sharp_teeth

Like all monsters, hunters are creatures of habit. They work naked, shivering in the early morning cold, and Meg watches their cocks waggle as they skitter to and fro, tending their bonfire.

post-5x16 "Dark Side of the Moon" AT | 3000 words | hurt!Dean (fractured ribs, vessel!issues), drama | Dean, Sam | for fhionnuiscetine

Sam doesn't know what game they're playing. Apparently the one where breaking a rib--a few ribs, possibly quite a few--means knocking out the one safeguard they had against the end of the world. Not to sound melodramatic or anything.

The Emperor's Clothes (afterhours remix)
late S5 | 2300 words | angst, hurt!Dean (depression, self-harm) | Sam, Dean, peripheral Castiel | self-harm, suicidal ideation | for kamikazeremix

Castiel keeps him tethered and buoyed. Castiel keeps him guilty. Castiel tells them he will leave them to their self-destructions.

Ipswich Summer
S5 alternate timeline | 5000 words | horror, hurt!Dean (concussion, mindfuck) | Dean, Michael, Sam, peripheral Bobby | vessel!dean, character death

4.5 billion years to make the world, and three seconds to end it. Don't blink.

Going Once (chicagoland remix)
S5 alternate timeline | 2700 words | horror/dark!fic, outsider!POV | alternate!Dean, OFC | thematic slavery/bondage, implied prostitution, alcoholism

At the tail end of 2009 Houston, Texas becomes the third most populous city in the United States. Elsewhere, the population of Chicago is 36, and one of them is Death.

Nil Sine Numine
S5 alternate timeline | 3700 words | horror, hurt!Sam (PTSD), mindfuck | Sam, Dean, peripheral Bobby | vessel!dean, character death

You don't just drive away from the Apocalypse. But drive the Winchesters do, straight out toward the edge of the world.

Evangeline at the End of Days
5x22 "Swan Song" | 1300 words | character study | Chuck, OC | phone sex | for spnquotefic

"I appreciate the whole self-empowerment thing, I do. You're clearly...very self-empowered." Chuck sighs. "But lady, if a miracle doesn't land on my doorstep in the next week, I think I'm probably going to be dead."

5x22 "Swan Song" | 300 words | horror | Sam, Michael, Lucifer | for spnquotefic

Michael is the soft yellow smell of margarine. Lucifer is the sound rain makes on pavement. They shift, and Sam tries to keep track of their dance, their forms, but it's like falling into thirteen hundred different reflections all at once.

Learning to Swim
5x22 "Swan Song" | 300 words | angst, hurt!Dean (depression, grief) | Dean, Lisa, Ben, an absent Sam

In June, they go to the lake. Lisa brings sandwiches, Ben brings swim trunks, and Dean brings what's left of himself: "When I was little, my dad... in June, we'd drive around 'til we found a lake. And he'd throw us in. He'd say, 'You swim. You learn to swim, or you drown.'"

--Stays in Vegas
5x22 "Swan Song" | 1500 words | hurt!Dean (blood loss, depression) | Dean, Meg, an absent Sam | dubious consent

She kisses slow, knees digging into chest, but it's not like Dean can breathe, anyway. Tongue, hot. Fingers, cold. Breasts, naked. In his hands and naked. It occurs to Dean that this is what is left of the Garden of Eden.

5x22 "Swan Song" | 3080 words | angst, curtain!fic, hurt!Dean (clinical depression) | Dean, an absent Sam, Lisa, Ben | for hoodie_time

Dean thinks about his coffin. The one somewhere in Illinois, or Indiana--he can't even remember. Dry, airless. Warm with the heat of sun-baked earth.

He thinks about climbing back inside.

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Thrilling Heroics
6x01 "Exile on Main St." | 200 words | angst, character study | Lisa, Dean, Ben

You won't always need heroes.

night without a name
S6 | 500 words | horror, smut kink (knotting) | Lisa, Dean | sexual violence, double dub-con (Dean non-cons himself, and Lisa changes her mind halfway through?), feralism/transformation | for take_the_knot

Part of him's still screaming fuck fuck fuck--sound vibrating against nerves and reaching a fever pitch and resonating deep and jarring in the wide open hollows of his stomach and his lungs and his bones.

Lullabies for Monsters
6x02 "Two and a Half Men" | 1400 words | angst, hurt!Dean (alcoholism, stress), character study | Gwen, soulless!Sam, Dean | for hoodie_time

There's angels in Wisconsin and demons everywhere else. There's Jesus on tortillas and Campbells back from Heaven and wendigo in Colorado. And if there's nothing else inside him, there's a brotherhood between him and Dean. Whether Sam can feel that or not, he knows they're in this together.

Scutt Arrows
6x11 "Appointment in Samarra" speculation | 1700 words | horror, angst, hurt!Dean (blood loss, electrocution), hurt!Sam (the Wall) | Dean, Death, an absent Sam | literal mindfuck, implied character destruction (if not demise) | for spnquotefic

Sure, the cotton balls've got some steel wool busting out their asses, heavy with storm, and that fence is ugly as shit, but other than that, scenery's pretty nice.

6x15 "The French Mistake" divergent timeline | 9900 words | mediastorm, drama, fabulism, outsider POV | OC, Jo, Dean, mentions of Sam and other guests | libel and slander, dead bodies, alcoholism | for spn_summergen 2013

"The French Mistake" goes awry, the Titanic doesn't sink, and Eve never dies. Jo and what's left of her family pick up the pieces:

RITUALISTIC PRACTICES AT HOME TURNED DEAN WINCHESTER TO SATAN AT AN EARLY AGE, Rev. Don Dawson confirms. Proposes funds be allocated from the Department of Defense for county-wide religious cleansing. -- NEWS@11: String of racial hate crimes last August points to Dean Winchester. -- Dean Winchester's Home Invasion: The Girlfriend's Not Talking, But the Neighbor Saw it All -- EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW--

Brass Ceiling
pre-series, mid-S6 | 4200 words | character study, drama | Gwen, Campbells and other animals | for spn_summergen

Hunting is the difference between skipping town because the rent's overdue and skipping town because there's a werewolf two states over. It's the difference between being a murderer and being a big damn hero. Gwen and hers have got it coming, and there is no getting out--only strapping in.

S2 AU, S6 time travel | 2700 words | horror, squick!fic, mindfuck, time travel, Apocalyptic!AU | dark!Dean, Claire!Meg, BoyKing!Sam, OC (outsider POV/Novak) | necrophilia, torture, mutilation, violence, Apocalyptic/Hell imagery, noncon, scat, vomit, generally grotesque imagery, mindfuck, knifeplay, abuse, underage | for moragmacpherson

She slams his mouth fast, like she's on a mission from God, catches his tongue with her teeth and rakes down the grey, bloated thing like she's death's hooker. I could see the villi nibs collecting in her teeth, like roe.

My Love is Vengeance
post-6x21 "Let It Bleed" | 2900 words | horror/psychological, surrealism | Meg/Lisa, Lisa/Dean, Ben | for salt_burn_porn

Her breasts puddle like flat discs as she arches backward, and Lisa can count her ribs and know there's nothing inside but myth and Clove smoke.

When You Wake Up to This
post-6x21 "Let it Bleed" AU | 2900 words | horror, angst (voluntary amnesia) | Lisa, Sam; Lisa/Dean Smith (sort of), past Lisa/Dean | for hoodie_time

In the end, it's a matter of sense; it's a matter of lips. It's a matter of knowing that the hand holding yours when you wake up is the hand you were holding when you died. --Or that it should have been.

6x22 "The Man Who Knew Too Much" | 2100 words | hurt!Dean (exhaustion, pain, fever, Hell), hurt!Sam (Hell), horror(?) | Dean, Sam | for hoodie_time

He's losing track of his body parts and he's only down four feet.

For Sale; Baby shoes, never worn.
post-6x22 "The Man Who Knew Too Much" | 1300 words | hurt/comfort, horror, angst, Hell | Dean, Sam, peripheral Bobby | for hoodie_time

'Shoes,' Sam says. And Dean says, I know. 'Gloves,' Sam says, and Dean doesn't. He never got that far.

All Your Instruments
post-S6 divergent timeline | 24000 words | horror, hurt/comfort (suicide, immolation), Heaven, pyrotechnic carnivalesque | Dean, Castiel, Mary, Sam, Harvelles, OC | suicide as a major theme, Hell/post-Hell issues, torture/torturing, psychological manipulation, mindfuck, disturbing/grotesque imagery, flagrantly illogical madness | for spn_j2_bigbang 2013

A suicide mission against Hell leaves Heaven in shambles and the rest of world in ecological turmoil, as ocean temperatures spike and Heaven's ashes trigger volcanic activity in Alaska. And all bets are off in Heaven, where memories are malleable, similes are no longer strictly figurative, and Castiel has organized an appallingly novice brass band to play his homeland's swan song. Castiel and Mary investigate the circumstances surrounding Dean's death, but find that the autopsy of a suicide is no easy task. Meanwhile, Hell's more artistic titillations have followed Dean upstairs, and he's disinclined to resist the inevitable. Sometimes things burn.

And the carnival of the grotesque has Alastair's House of Reds on the grandstand tonight.

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火 (Bi)
post-7x10 "Death's Door" | 900 words | angst, hurt!Dean (alcoholism, grief), hurt!Sam (grief, hallucinations, disempowerment) | Dean, Sam, mentions of John & Bobby | suicidal ideation

Sam and Dean dig another grave: Sometimes you can't give the way you'd like.

My Body is a Cage with vie_dangerouse
S4, 5, 6, 7 | hurt/comfort (hell/post-hell issues), horror, character study | Dean, Sam, Alistair | post-modern multimedia project!

There should be a word for the death you've lived.

7x23 "Survival of the Fittest" | 2500 words | superreal horror, hurt/comfort (exhaustion, mental breakdown) | Dean/Castiel | metaphysical awkwardness, irresolution, inadvisable cuisine | for spnspringfling

Dean loses his Euclidean edges. He is vanishing under his own blueprint. But all Dean says is, Purgatory needs to get its pansy act together. Because this is nothing new.

Six Degrees of Separation
post-7x18 "Party On, Garth" | 3000 words | hurt/comfort (poison, heart condition, suicidal ideation) | Sam, Dean | second-person POV, Sam's delinquent sense of humor | for hoodie_time

Common side-effects include bradycardia, broken concentration, hypersensitivity to touch, and the transformation of your brother into metaphor.

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Scissor Sisters
S1, 8x17 | 3000 words | horror | Megs (various), Crowley | First-person POV. Also, dubious fidelity toward canonical interpretations of demons, Hell, possession, etc. | for twoskeletons's Megfest on Tumblr

Los Angeles, caseating brick facade and gum-stuck streets. The thick storm smell of wet asphalt and acid rain, Spanish Revival mixed with generic subdivision, a boyfriend's niece's Quinceanera, someone else's bachelor party. Smoke. Cloves. The curve of her back against brick, headlights burning through fog like she's on stage. B Cam, catch her face in the shadows there. Catch her face.

Leave This Place
post-S8 | 14000 words | case!fic, brotherly interplay, mild hurt/comfort (Dean) | Kat (from 1x10 "Asylum", Sam, Dean | for spn_summergen 2013

Either you dismiss simplicity or you hide your timebombs in it, but nothing's ever really simple. Sam and Dean are forced to come to terms with the scorched earth they're not actually leaving behind. And after an unceremonious reunion with the Winchesters, Kat contends with the grisly future.

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Place at the End
pre-series (1996) - post-series (2021) | 27,600 words | drama/angst/hurt/comfort (mobility issues, pain, exhaustion, insomnia, depression, anxiety disorder) | Dean, Sam, peripheral OFCs, peripheral John; Lisa, very peripheral Meg | suicidal ideation | for spn_j2_bigbang (2011)

In 1996, you realized one thing: you're either a hunter or you're not; some bridges can only be crossed once. Fast forward to 2021. What happens when that frontier starts closing?

Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash
post-series (Claire Novak is 30+) | 1900 words | pre-series/post-series, character study, pretentious Heaven fic | Claire Novak, Pamela, Jimmy, Amelia | for spn_jimmynovak's Novakfest

"Angels see in still frame," Claire explains. "Demons see in fractals."

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