Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

First Aid, Dean Winchester, and La Jolla Cove

Only six more hours of First Aid/CPR re-certification! I'm kind of sad, though, because last year I got certified on Dean Winchester's birthday. This was cool and exciting because, uh, I'm lame like that. But I have no emotional attachment to 9 Janurary! How will I remember what day it expires. :(

I remember last year was particularly hilarious because I invited one of my friends out for bacon cheeseburgers and ice cream afterwards. We met up and she was just like, "So wait, what's the occasion?"

"It's Dean Winchester's birthday."

"So we're...getting ice cream because...it's a fictional character's birthday?"



In any case, I'm behind on life both on- and offline at the moment, but ippoddity's friend is visiting this weekend. We took her to the beach:

Me taking a picture of ippoddity taking a picture of C.

Okay, back to training~
Tags: fandom: spn, mistaking reality for spn again, pics or it didn't happen, trufax, unapologetic hit-and-run, winter is beautiful

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