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birthdays in black


For my brother's birthday (edit: er. My brother, Griffin, whose birthday was on 18 September; he turned ten. Not to be confused with Sam's brother, Dean, whose birthday is today). We bought a 1967 Chevy Impala die-cast (2006 ERTL American Authentics Chevy Impala SS396, Granada Gold). There are a lot of model Impalas out there, but we chose this one because it was the [extant] model we felt most resembled Show's car, except for being a truly hideous (but quite authentic, I'm sure) gold. Obviously, black models exist, but I like the grill for this one better.

Besides, this gave my brother and I a project. And when we finished detailing it, it wouldn't be some car off of eBay; it'd be ours. When I went home for the winter holidays, we painted it black--which is at once more and less difficult than you might think. Think 'how the hell does this come apart?!' + steel wool + 100% acetone + egg carton + cold&windy.

But we're very pleased with the results!

1) Taped up and ready for paint-stripping. 2) Freshly painted, and already having leaves and crap blown onto the paint job. \O/

Fancy 396 engine, faux carpeting, weapons in the trunk... Stunt driver today is Clairestiel! With a sniper rifle!

Surest way to convince the neighbors you're nuts--roll around on the ground at midnight, taking pictures of a tiny car.

We finished painting her the night before I was supposed to fly back to school. When I ordered the Impala, I had it sent to my father's address. He told me, "You know, when you take that back to school with you, it's going to break his heart."

And yeah, it would.

From then on, I'd approached the Impala as something I was leaving behind for my brother; my brother approached it as something he was doing for me. When the time came, though, it was harder than you could ever think to give her up. Not gonna lie: I cried. A lot. XP Because we'd just finished her, and now it was over and I was leaving.

Because I am lame, I couldn't tell him the damn car was his in person, so I waited until he was asleep and wrote a note expressing the same (see above). That's when I found the note he left for me (see above right).

I don't think it's ever been as hard to go back to leave home as it was this year. ♥ But my mother tells me he's taking good care of her.

The Impala, parked in front of the Winchester household during Christmastime. Either pre- or post-series; which do you think?

* Special thanks to Test Drive, the 1968 Chevy Camaro we trashed in order to test our paint stripping/reapplication methods!

My favorite thing about Supernatural is being able to share it with other people. My siblings and I have a fair number of interests in common, but never have we all been so invested in the same thing, at the same time. (Thankfully?) they don't do Internet and they don't do fandom, but they care. And that means a lot to me.

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