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I don't even want to think about how much more inspired I am to complete today's list of To Dos because of this. It's just--I don't even know. I don't even know.

Okay, self, time to trailblaze.

P.S. So there's this episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent that deals with this guy (played by Neil Patrick Harris) who has a calf muscle fetish. He'd watch his porn tapes and rewind the scenes of women walking up stairs just to watch them over and over again--and then he'd pause it at just. the right. place. He eventually damaged the tapes, which was part of the reason the detectives were able to ID him as the perpetrator.

H/C makes me feel like that. Because I totally, totally do that with my MP4s. >.> In particular 1x02, 1x10, 1x22, 2x14, 3x09, 4x02...

Anyway, Neil Patrick Harris' character ended up becoming so enamored with calf muscles that he started cutting them out of people and hiding them at the bottom of the ice cream bin at a liquor store.

I can't decide whether I should take solace in the knowledge that I wouldn't cut out people's calf muscles, or despair, because ficcing is like, the fandom equivalent of that. OR PERHAPS. I SHOULD JUST ACCEPT THAT WHAT'S TRUE IS TRUE.
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