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Okay, so studying isn't working out so well. But! I saw Saturday Night Live for the first time in my life; it was hilarious, there was Justin Bieber, and also Linkin Park. And an Ice-T impersonation.

But the real news here! My first reaction to last night's SPN episode? Was during the opening credits, because ILIA VOLOK was featured. Ilia Volok is one of my favorite bit actors ever--he's best unknown for his role as Nikolai the Russian Banker in a Norton Security ad, Jayne's Old Boss in the Firefly episode "Out of Gas", Yuri the Russian Mobster in Six Feet Under, and Shady Russian Guy in Burn Notice. HE IS NOW ALSO KNOWN TO ME AS CREEPY VIRGIN EATER #1 from Supernatural. May he never, ever be in Show again. Sorry, Ilia. XP

Oh, but it gets better.

See, one of my favorite actors ever is Freddy Rodriguez, of Six Feet Under best show ever and Planet Terror worst movie ever fame. He also starred in a slough of really awful movies where he was either a drug addict or a bus boy. He was supposed to be one of the stars in a new CBS show, but it was dropped. Now apparently it's back on, and premiering April 1 at 8pm.

It's probably a terrible show, don't get me wrong. But I am excited, because it's Freddy Rodriguez, goddamn it. And who else is randomly in this? Action Man from BBC's Primeval! (Doing a horrible Scottish accent--why??)


ILIA VOLOK. Playing Shady Russian Mobster.

The amazingness of today. I cannot comprehend. It's like the world is spinning according to my every whim, at least in the realm of Random Actors and their Random Appearances.

If Ilia Volok were to star in House, M.D. (unlikely) or Law and Order: SVU (surely they need Shady Russians on this show), he'll officially have been in every television program I've ever watched.

I don't think anyone will find this as amazing as I do. BUT SERIOUSLY. Television is like one big incestuous dogpile of Ilia Voloks.
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