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--until 18 February!

Because apparently I am incapable of leaving the Internet alone without officially announcing it. Why do I sabotage myself. Why. );

I leave you with random one-liners that turned up when I was cleaning up. Funnily enough, they were written last year, on 17 February. Not only do I not remember where any of these sentences were headed, I do not remember writing them! I'm not even sure if this is all supposed to be the same fic. I hope not, because if they were I really have no idea what they were supposed to be.


Rockford, Illinois. It is April 2006, and they are learning to trust each other again. Sam is too comfortable with a double-barreled sawed-off filled with rock salt to be comfortable with himself.

They split up when they find Kat--Kat, the one with the boyfriend who got kissed by a ghost, poor traumatized thing--because it is easier working apart than back to back. It's only been four months.


Now he knows, and Dean knows, and now they're going to get on with their lives. They dip into the Impala and lock the doors and drive off into the great American nowhere. They hunt things. They save some people (but not enough). It's the family business. They get on with their lives.

Sam knows the lie inside and out.


Dean starts losing things, just past April. It's 2007. The first is his life.


Y'all have permission to shoot without warning if you see me lurking anywhere. ANYWHERE.
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