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[Rec] Recent Dean-centric H/C fics

Hey guys! I'm baaa~ck! I didn't get to comment on everything in the last two months, but I read it all, and I tried to comment on everyone's most recent entries. I'm still working on the fic--it looks delicious! Before I start blissfully gorging myself on new stuff, I just wanted to rec a few stories I've read this year that I ADOOOORED. I know for sure I've read more that I enjoyed equally, but I'm horrific at keeping links in an accessible space when it comes to recs. I was trying to make one of those fancy rec posts that had a theme. This one is titled "Angsty (and maybe occasionally fluffy) Dean-centric things, most of which are H/C." I'm uh, working on that theme thing.

1. and if the dam breaks open by vie_dangerouse
Excerpt: Dean wants to tell Sam, to explain about why he did it, but it’s like dropping Scrabble letters into the ocean as the tide’s going out. Maybe they’ll come back in, spell out your future on the sand, or maybe they won’t, and the sea will claim all possible words.
Comments: Dean H/C. There's this bright intensity to every moment in this fic, yet there's a transience, too. It's beautiful. I love the non-verbal communication, the note-writing. The dark current of vessel!Dean and MICHAEL present throughout. vie_dangerouse has the freshest turns of phrase I've seen in fandom, and her knowledge and effective use of pop culture in all her fics is an utter pleasure.

2. A Utility Belt and Everything by enderspeaks
Excerpt: Sam holds the keys high above his head. It's a variation of the Am-I-Too-Messed-Up-To-Drive? test that Sam has just invented. "They're all yours if you can get 'em."
Comments:Dean H/C.I don't even know what I can say about this story. It was written for a prompt of mine over at hoodie_time--I've dug up and re-read this story three separate times because it kept springing to mind. The h/c dimensions are delicious, Sam and Dean's interactions are spot on, and its inclusion into the canon timeline (the aftermath of 2x14 "Born Under a Bad Sign) is wondrous.

3. An Attempt To Tip The Scales by nwspaprtaxis
Excerpt: Gently, Sam supports Dean out of the bathroom, careful not to push his brother faster than he can handle.
Comments:Dean H/C (now, raise your hand if you were honestly surprised by this. Go ahead and try). This is a tag to 2x14 "Born Under a Bad Sign", too. enderspeaks and nwspaprtaxis both wrote beautiful codas, but they're entirely different in their approach, their scenario, and their style. It's a testament to the quality of both that they manage to much variation in a tag tot he same episode. nwspaprtaxis keeps her scenario close to the happenings of the episode, with her tag set immediately after what we see. She expertly brings all the elements at play in that episode into close contact, and the result is riveting.

4. 1/24 by tahirire
Excerpt: "Don't be scared, Dean."
Comments: This was a birthday!fic for Dean; I just re-watched 2x01 "In My Time of Dying", which is where the summary quote hails from, and it smacked me good because it reminded me of this fic. A goodbye John wrote to Dean. John's voice here is gorgeous--especially remarkable because these aren't things we could ever imagine him saying aloud. But there they are, and they are John.

On the RL front, in the last four days I have finished out one of the most hellish school terms of my life! I stood around in the pouring rain and freezing wind and couldn't feel my hands and was made ALL TOO AWARE of every muscle for five hours, and besides "I hate you, mommy! :(" the only thing I could think about was, good lord, digging a grave in the freezing rain would be so painful. Winchesters, poor bbs! I dealt with my shitty dentist! I got four wisdom teeth extracted by a not-in-the-least-bit-shitty oral surgeon!

But in spite of this, life's actually pretty good. I'll try to make a picture post of the interesting things that happened in the last two months--the ones that don't involve me sitting around late at night doing coursework, haha.

♥ for you all!
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