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Silence of the Winchesters

I don't even need anyone to help prank me--I can do it all on my own! Yesterday I fell up a flight of stairs (tripped with my hands in my pockets, resulting in awkward barrel roll), locked my keys in my boss's office, tried and failed to use the self-checkout at the grocery store, and missed my Show, because I thought it was at 9pm on Friday and not 8pm on Friday. I think SPN has conditioned me too well. XP

But then I watched Silence of the Lambs and everything was good, because suddenly my life Supernatural makes so much more sense!

You see this right? YOU MUST SEE THIS. I'm sure Alistair was a conscious affectation; though the other two are likely coincidence or general horror-genre filming conventions, they still please me. I'm really pleased that SPN 4x16 "On the Head of a Pin" appears to have borrowed a lot of the camera angles from the Hannibal Lector/Starling interrogation scene--shameless rips, one might say, but I love the way SPN appropriates all the pop culture along with the mythologies and whatever else. Silence of the Lambs itself was enjoyable, though not 'scary' per se. I think I've watched far too much Law & Order for suspense thrillers to be a viable fiction genre for me anymore.

The film's intrinsic qualifications aside, in my mind Clarisse Starling was Gwen Campbell, Hannibal Lector was Alistair, and there was this one extra in a trenchcoat who may have been Castiel. And Buffalo Bill was Balthazar. Not that I have incurable, permanent, bordering-on-blasphemous SPN goggles or anything. That would be silly.

I also recently rewatched S1 with my flatmate. I love all the early episodes--they're so classic. THE PILOT. WENDIGO. SKIN. ASYLUUUM. <3 Awww, Sammy with mushroom hair. Awww, Daddy Issues. Awww, relatively well-adjusted young men who aren't sad, sad, sad all the time. Though it did make me realize how much I adore S5/S6 Dean.

Then we got to the later episodes--1x16 "Shadow" through to 1x22 "Devil's Trap" and I realized that Dean actually wasn't all that well-adjusted, and that he's always kind of been That Way. Which I don't, because I adore Dean however he chooses to be, but it shattered this notion that I had that there was some point in S1/2 where the Winchesters were less dysfunctional than apparently they always have been! Which of course led to more erratic thoughts, but I think this stopped making sense probably before this entry even began, so I'll sit on that.

Hellatus ends in two weeks! I'm not sure how to feel; I haven't yet digested the rest of S6. I'm not ready for a finale. I'm still recovering from 5x22, goddamn it. But considering how I'm apparently still processing S1, let alone S5... By the time I get to S6 hell will have frozen over.
Tags: fandom: spn, i can't watch tv like a normal person, mistaking reality for spn again

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