Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Меня твои лебяжьи руки / Обвивали, словно два крыла

1. I felt really proud of myself because I was listening to modern music and being like, with the times and such. Then someone told me that the song came out in 1996. /O\ I just saw the live version of Rocky Horror Picture Show this past Saturday, okay--I'M DESTINED TO BE SEVEN MILLION YEARS BEHIND POP CULTURE AND somewhat not really okay yes I guess really do I have a choice? PROUD OF IT.

2. Apologies for falling behind on your entries again. By this point this surely comes as no surprise, but I have been QUITE BUSY THESE PAST FEW WEEKS, but in a better way than the months preceding. Less weeping and kicked puppy fury and whatnot. :D I've been using today to catch up with school and events I'm supposed to be running and maybe even rewriting my resume.

Then I made the mistake of hopping on LJ for a bit and all I want to do is stay here. ): So now all my productive drive has completely dissipated! What am I supposed to dooooooooo.

3. In lieu of being quite busy and feeling bad about missing everything that's been going on on the Internet front, I've done a friends cut. If you haven't updated your journal, or have deleted your journal, or we've been 'friended' for quite some time but haven't really clicked with each other, I may have cut you. If you've been cut (or have not been cut!) and you feel this was a mistake, please let me know via PM, e-mail, or by commenting to this (screened) post.

The idea of having friends cuts doesn't sit all that well with me, but I've been really thinking about it, and I want to have time to read everything you post, to have actual dialogue with you, to be really friends. I was angsting to a good friend over this earlier, and she told me to stop stressing about reading everything, because no one reads everything.

But I can't help but feel like. You took the time to write it; it's important to you--either in a deep way or in a gleeful fandom way (or maybe both at once). And it's important to me. So yeah, I do want to try my best to READ ALL THE THINGS. Because I don't want to miss your lives, your projects, your passions. Here's to trying. Let me know how I'm doing. Just wanted to say that I love you all dearly. ♥!!!

4. NEXT STOP, ANSWERING MORE E-MAILS! (Omg, I'm so sorry, vie_dangerouse, kuchren. Late late late forever. D;) And I owe you one, too, dayadhvam_triad. LOL last night was fail on my part, good grief.
Tags: disappear here, these things matter, timetimetime, trufax, unapologetic hit-and-run

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