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Supernatural 24/7, apparently. (Samputer + S6 nano!meta)

Dear flist,

Never name your computer for Sam Winchester. For it is a cursed name, and a dangerous name, and an All Hell Breaks Loose kind of name.

My computer, see, is named Samputer, because last spring he entered a deathstate that would have ended in a deal with the Devil had he not been under warranty at the time. [1]

Then last November, his hard drive cable died again, disconnecting his motherboard from his hard drive. In effect, SEPARATING HIS SOUL FROM HIS BODY. [2] So I was just like, oh. My god. XP SOULLESS!SAM. Why are you fucking with me.

Getting his soul back should also probably have ended in a deal with the Devil, but I talked to Apple instead and it was all good.

AND THEN. On Friday, the hard drive cable died yet again and his soul was lost to the depths of hell again. This involved a lot of weeping and rage and (non-sonic) screwdrivers and more bus rides than I've taken the rest of the year combined, but I have yet to actually make any deals with the Devil, though this time it did cost a small amount of money.

Considering how much it occurred to me earlier last week that I should probably be worrying about real!Sam during the S6 finale, I think this whole ordeal has actually given me hilarious reassurance.

Dear Sam and Dean,

Don't worry, Sam will be fine, because Crowley has an iPhone and is therefore having homoerotic relations with Steve Jobs and therefore regardless of what happens to Sam and Sam's Soul, it's okay. It's the HD cable and not the HD. You will be fine.

At least for another six months.


In other news, I have not kept up with flist, I just caught up with The Work I Did Not Do on Friday Fuck You Samputer, and will now go catch up on school. I hope all those of you who are mothers had a WONDERFUL day yesterday. When I called mine, she was plunging the garage sink because she suspected a rat had died in the pipes. I told her she should try to get the king snakes back.

Also, I have SPN 6x20 but am afraid to watch it because I fear it will make me ;_________; to distraction. What are your non-spoilery thoughts on the ep? Non-spoilery fears and/or anticipations for 6x21/22?

Also also, does anyone have a count for the number of times someone has said "CAN'T OR WON'T?" in recent canon? I swear someone says it every other episode, if not more. I originally thought it just had to do with a dearth of snappy comebacks, but regardless of the source as of 6x19 it's come up so often I think it's starting to thematize itself. Obviously the phrase ties into discussions of free will, on both the celestial and personal level... Show hasn't held to the binary of can/cannot since the pilot (Dean says he can't 'do this' without Sam. Sam says yeah, dude, you can. And Dean says, okay fine yes I can. But I don't want to.) but I think since then the can/can't/won't/would prefer not to/oh look I guess I can after all cycle has been gearing up towards a fever pitch for quite some time. At the meta level, Show has certainly pushed what can and cannot be Done, haha. But I think it's far more interesting to see where Sam and Dean and Castiel and everyone else have found their limits (or lack thereof).

We did, after all, open this season with Dean doing (more or less) exactly what he said he couldn't do; Sam being in a way that, until then, everyone would have agreed he couldn't. And then there's Castiel.


Organized thought is overrated.
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