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tagless drive-by

edit 15 June, 10am:

In the last week I:
+ I sat my final exams and wrote my final papers
+ I moved (ughhhh there are still boxes and boxes of office junk, but the living room and the kitchen are done)
+ got the course readers/syllabi/first paper topics done for work, and typed a long-ass manuscript (who uses yellow legal pads still?)
+ wrote my Big Bang, more or less.
+ now I am packing furiously because I will be in MONTANA for the next week and a half. :DD So I will see you all and catch up with all of you afterward! I LOVE YOU.

I have never been more mortified by a fic I've posted in my life. The end. (Though, the post-series parts. I liked those. Those were fun!)

+ artwork!

+ the fact that it exists

+ the ~learning experience~

+ idea

+ post-series timeline bits

+ characterization (better in some parts than others, uh)

+ some interesting turns of phrase

- some really weird turns of phrase


- infodump exposition

- utilization/characterization of OCs

- inexplicable time jumps

- too many unnecessary scenes

- pacing

- uneven/superficial thematic unity

To the lovely ladies who worked so hard with me today (viridian_magpie, harwhon, vie_dangerouse and especially sistabro!), I will laud appropriate praise and eternal thanks on you tomorrow when I write my author's notes. You four and my artist barbara_ger are the stars of today/yesterday/all days!

But seriously. This fucking fic. I think my issue is two-fold.

1) The main timeline could have been good. It really could have. If I'd taken the time to do it right, edited lots, thought harder--or, to simplify things, not been me. I think it's the idea that the whole thing had potential that I utterly failed to realize, and that there were individual scenes I really liked, that's most upsetting on this front.

2) More upsetting. Have you ever written billions of words (okay, about 27k, say), only to realize that story you actually ended up telling--the one that you felt actually worked and would keep, the 'real story'--was essentially a 7000 word subplot? Dx

tl;dr I've been writing fan fiction for 25 hours straight and I am tired and hungry and if this doesn't teach me better time management skills when it comes to fic, I don't know what will.

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