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SPN podfic and pictures and [insert p here], oh my!

True evidence of my post-whoring ways, I have eleventy-billion posts I want to make now that LJpocalypse has subsided. But I will spare the world and just do two, one personal and one fandom. XD They were originally one post (BECAUSE WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO ANYWAY) but it started getting ridiculous.


1. An article on Nerve.Com ranks Supernatural as one of Five TV Shows That Alternate Between Amazing and Terrible. I'm awkwardly proud of this. I don't really follow television polls and rankings (though whenever they show up on my flist I always vote for SPN multiple times, *g*) but this one seems particularly apt. ♥ ♥ SHOW! ♥ ♥

2. Which, speaking of, is returning 23 September 2011. I'm trying to be spoiler-free, but I looked at the first batch of on set pics (it appears Jensen is directing in them) and I CAN DIE HAPPY. Because (spoilers only if you count the names of the random American towns they visit as spoilers) THEY'RE IN WHITEFISH, MONTANA. YOU KNOW, THAT TOWN WHERE I WAS FOR A WHOLE WEEK AND A HALF. :DDDDDD. From what I've seen, the Vancouver version looks pretty good/accurate.

3. I posted my first contribution to the hoodie_time Tags Challenge which is art for the tag 'drug reaction/interaction.' The pic is right over here if you're so inclined.

edit: And I posted my second contribution, too! It is podfic (audio fic) for vie_dangerouse's "No Quarter" (gen; Dean/Alistair, Sam; horror, angst, h/c), which you can stream or download over here. The tag was 'stockholm syndrome.' If for some reason you were curious about what I sound like, this would be your chance to find out. (Only I hope I sound less psychotic normally!)

Also, my brother showed me the new addition to his Lego city, Singer Salvage. And a new-and-improved Sam Lego, which looks fucking fantastic. HE HAS THE JACKET. AND THE HAIR. THE HAAAAAIR! Apologies for the awful pic quality:

Tags: fandom: spn, mistaking reality for spn again, pics or it didn't happen, siblingship

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