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[Rec] Recent Castiel (or Novak) centric fics!

...Okay, one more. And then I'm done, I promise. But a rec post has been long overdue and THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT for... Castiel recs! I am usually shockingly indifferent to Castiel in fandom, unless something involves macros, tongues, Clairestiel, or thingstiel, but sometimes I venture forth (rather, he is placed before me and I gladly partake) and rediscover Castiel in all his glory and occasionally, insanity. These are all relatively new fics (written within the last three months, in any case) that I feel all the world should read!

1. Title: Shapes on the Wall by lexhibition
Genre: angst, case(ish)!fic, drama, sex
Characters: Castiel/Dean (references to Castiel/Balthazar)
Word Count: ~7700
Author's Notes: Season 6. Choose not to warn. Dean and Castiel are trapped in a cave.
My Notes: Everything Dean/Castiel can and should be. They work because they don't work. ♥

"I thought we'd already reached the summit of Mt. FUBAR. Apparently you're still climbing."

2. Title: Book of Lies by glorious_spoon
Genre: angst, character study
Characters: Castiel, Dean
Word Count: ~1000
Author's Notes: Alone in the panic room, Castiel contemplates faith and betrayal. Spoilers through 6x19.
My Notes: Short, yet perceptive--and from more lenses than one.

Certainty was the first thing that died when he chose to follow Dean Winchester rather than Heaven, and he’s already outlived the end of days.

3. Title: A Measure of Pain by viridian_magpie
Genre: angst, hurt/comfort, drama
Characters: Castiel/Balthazar, Dean/Castiel
Word Count: ~3500
Author's Notes: Warnings for masochism, self-injury. Takes place ten years after 6x22.
My Notes: Intriguing blend of mythology and intimacy, the workings and putterings of the outer world and the darkness what happens behind closed doors.

In puniendo ira absit. Anger must be far from your heart when you punish. Castiel doesn't feel anger, doesn't feel the fury of the righteous. He feels love. Balthazar's grace burns underneath his ministrations.

4. Title: Dry Bones by twoskeletons (whynot on DW)
Genre: horror
Characters: Claire/Castiel, Jimmy, Amelia
Word Count: ~4100
Author's Notes: Skeleton!Castiel AU. Claire has an imaginary friend and violent tendencies, not necessarily in that order.
My Notes: Quiet horror at its finest, with the finery and off-kilter juxtaposition of playgrounds, phalanges, and cranberry muffins.

There's a book in the school library that teaches children how the body works by taking it apart.
Tags: fandom recs, fandom: spn

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