Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Riding Shotgun by bythedamned   ℵ   For spn_gen_bigbang 2011

THESE ARE NOT DIGITAL PAINTINGS. They are smudge-overs! Palette/figures © someone not me.

1: bleeding out | 2: she has his eyes | 3: heaven's waiting (text)

Screencaps: 4x06 YELLOW FEVER | 2x14: BUABS | S6 pensive!Sam shot | JA misc. model shot | JA S4(?) SPN promo shot | 5x14 MBV(?)
Other Random Crap: Kodak Ad #1 | Kodak Ad #2 | Kodak Ad #3 | some random Asian drama, idek | some trees | sm. girl with soccer ball
Fonts: Times New Roman, Garamond, Helvetica Neue Light, Helvetica Neue Condensed Black, American Typewriter, my handwriting lol

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