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i see a RED door and i want it painted BLACK...

It amazes me how similar the conventions of fandom are to academic RL. Point in case, I'm a member of a Slavic and East European Languages listserve; recently there was amazing, amazing wank that I watched unfold in my inbox. And then there was a different thread about creating passwords using Roman letters to spell Cyrillic words (like BO BKYCE). Wank, silliness, and... coordinating teams for the compilation of undergraduate Russian coursework? Sounds like a day in fandom to me.

I also work as a research assistant for a professor at my university. He's coming up for academic review, so I've been working on his CV/list of published works, editing papers like mad, formatting them for all the journals to which I'm to send them, etc.

And it's like, huh. It's like updating your profile and masterlist. And formatting your aksjfa;lskfja;klfj header as per all the different challenge/comm requirements.

Maybe this is where my distaste for putting together fic headers comes from. XD

And just today I've heard conversations in the halls about yet more academic wank, word count gripes, and coming deadlines. It's been said fandom has no practical application outside of 'you meet awesome people and it is fun' but I'm seriously beginning to think that the worlds here are not that far removed.

Well, that and while I was putting together my boss's biography sheet he gave me a history of his teaching career in accordance with which Rolling Stones album debuted in a given year. Believe me, when you're writing someone's professional history you do NOT want the person to start by saying, "When I gave my first lecture in 1966 the Stones had just released Aftermath..."
Tags: academia, mistaking reality for spn again, salt being a spirit deterrent, strange tales from the southern front

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