Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

A Day in the Life of a Fangirl

I have lots of feelings about 7x08. About important things--like issues of consent, for instance. And Sam. And integrity. And everything. All of you have said these things and more, and better. So I wanted to at least address one thing, and talk instead about a day in the life of a real, live, actual, certifiable SPN fangirl. I encourage all of you to do the same (if you are willing). Because this is who we really are!

0700: I woke up before my roommate, ippoddity, and finished up an intensely self-serving fan fiction that involved dropping Dean in the ocean. I am unashamed.

1100: Then I accompanied ippoddity to the experimental aquarium and watched her feed the sharks and eels. The fish come frozen (from an industrial freezer that boasts whole shark tails inside, then to a smaller freezer with more sharks inside, mouths gaping and toothsome). She put them in a bucket of water to defrost, then hacked off some pieces to feed to the eels.

The sharks didn't really eat (there are six, and four pieces of fish got eaten), so she had to fish them back out of the tank with a net.

While we waited, we also watched limpets and sea hares and brittle stars in one of the shallow tanks in the lab. Horseshoe crabs and cuttlefish as well. And of course, requisite SPN thought for the day: "How cute would it be if Sam were a cuttlefish??"

1300: We went down to the beach so I could fill a jar with sand for vie_dangerouse. But the tide was out, and the tidepools were there, so we ended up staying. I found the carcasses of small lobsters, and we looked at whole rocks carpeted by tiny sea anemones, unbloomed and shielded by small rocks and shells as they hid from the exposure. A larger sea anemone was eating a lobster--I didn't know they could eat things that big!

1500: Had to leave the beach to go grocery shopping. So we booked it to the store and ran home to make dinner (greek salad and flatbread chicken wraps), so we could go back to the ocean before the sun set.

1700: Which we did! We watched the sky change colors, the surfers slowly leaking out of the swells and back into their cars as the sun went down. At points the sky was so red and the clouds so strange it looked like lava flow, fire, atomic attack. In the far distance it began to rain, and the clouds streaked downwards at the horizon. We wanted to wait until the storm came for us, but it never did.

1830: vie_dangerouse and I watched 2x06, and fell in love with Show and Jo all over again. Which, by the way, we spent shamelessly objectifying the holy crap out of all involved parties.

2100: Ended the day by watching Requiem for a Dream with ippoddity. Read reaction posts for 7x08; began installation of preemptive defense systems. Went to sleep envisioning 7x08-unrelated Dean H/C scenarios, ad nauseam. Dreamed of street racing and power ballads.

Then this morning, after an ultimately fruitless six-mile bike ride in the rain, I read an article about antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and how it upregulates the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines. I suspect more of the same will follow, because I need to catch up on the actual work and coursework I obviously did not do yesterday. But I'm also going to finish my fic for Novakfest, because guess what.

I'm a 24/7, foaming at the mouth, this-Show-means-intensely-much-to-me-and-I'm-PROUD-OF-IT-(MOST DAYS) fangirl. And this is what we do.

Tags: fandom: spn, mistaking reality for spn again, pics or it didn't happen, salt being a spirit deterrent, strange tales from the southern front, trufax, wild kingdom never ends

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