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Five things that either have everything or nothing to do with each other.

1. 7x09: So this is going to sound monumentally silly, but I figure you all have been around here long enough to be used to it. This episode fulfilled half my hopes and dreams in very strange ways, but I wanted to note that I'd literally just been thinking, "The Winchesters should do something that involves examining the stomach contents of creepy dead things to discern more about what they're dealing with." I recently read an article about an autopsy conducted on the stomach of a frozen human (as in Ice Age status), and how that allowed the scientists to find out all of these things about this lifestyle, quality of life, the moment of his death. AND THEN THEY BASICALLY DID THAT IN THIS EPISODE. AND I WAS LIKE, \O/

2. 7x10: ;___; I thought it was gorgeous. I think a part of me wants to say that the images presented were fairly 'normal', in that none of the scenes were necessarily things you would not expect in an episode of that nature/style, there was no subversion going on, no bearing left of perspective, or something. I only half know what I'm saying. But at the same time I thought it was upwards of one of the most horrifying episodes SPN has ever done (Bobby/Karen! Bobby's mommy! memoryyyyy), even though the only supernatural thing was that one ghost woman. And, I suppose, death itself. (Not Death, er, but death. Thanks Show for requiring me to make that distinction! XP) And I cried, and that last memory scene was perfect beyond imagination. I really hope 7x11 does not undo this. Aside from my general desire for horrible things, I think the writers have put too much time this season into developing it to back down now!

3. My favorite event of the season:

A Winter/Holiday themed
Dean-focused h/c comment-fic meme

[Click on the image to go to the meme.]

Banner courtesy of geckoholic @ bl00dredskies

4. After we've sat all our final exams, ippoddity and I are going to embark on the Amazing Tour of California's Camping Coast. I am insanely excited. I plan to



Because if there's anything I enjoy more than jumping on rocks, it is staring into fire because it is too cold and dark to do anything else. <3

Our totally Internet-safe itinerary, coded in the referential language of SPN:

I draw really awesome maps, I know.

5. I drew (sort of) fan art for Paradise Lost:
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