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365 days to love you

Below the cut, there is a brief personal message for each and every one of you. And this is going to sound saccharine, but writing this was such a gift. It made me realize how much we've shared over this year, and how much you all mean to me. Please accept these words as a mere fraction of my love for you. ♥

Advance warning for the text block of massiveness. Ctrl+F is your friend!

000_hester_000: I feel like you've been around more this year, and I love that! Your fandoms, your schoolwork, RL, everything; it feels so good to be back in the loop with you on all of these things. (And I'm still mildly terrified by the idea that I got you to watch Supernatural!) I'm so glad to have you in my life.
affablyevil: You are such a talented person; razor-sharp wit, razor-sharp cleverness. You're one of those people where I think, I wish I was a even a little more like you.
akisswithafist: I love your love for Jared Padalecki. XD And even though you haven't been around too often of late, I always love it when you check in. Wishing you the best for 2012!
aldehyde: Every time you stop by it fills me with joy. I'm so glad you got the job, and I feel like it's making you happy, which naturally makes me happy.
anat_astarte: The elusive Foxx! Even though I've long since moved on from our mutual fandoms, I love it when you pop in; your words on SasuSaku are so refreshing. I miss chatting with you on AIM, though I know your RL is busy beyond busy these days. My door is always open! (Though I don't use AIM anymore. XD)
architeuthis: You give me the best thinky-thoughts.
art_savage: I'm not sure if we've crossed paths this year at all! But I'd love to see you again.
autumn_lilacs: Autumn Autumn Autumn. I love you and I wanted to wish your entire family happy holidays. (And don't let the dog by the stove!)
betterinorange: You always make me so proud, bb. You were one of my very first Internet friends, and I'm so glad I found you on Plurk this year. I need my daily dose of you!
biketest: I love seeing you around in fandom, both in comment threads and in your own journal. Conversations with you (whether partaken of or observed) are always so thought-provoking and fun.
busynut: I haven't seen you around much this year. I can only trust this means you're off being awesome, because I know that's what you are.
bythedamned: Working with you on spn_gen_bigbang was a great experience; I'm glad I got to meet you through that challenge.
caerial: This year has crossed about every spectrum in existence, for us. But you seem happy, and from our brief meeting Kascha is wonderful. And that will always be what I wish for you--happiness, and a special person to share it with.
callowyn: I'm always apprehensive about approaching LJ friends on chat or through PM/e-mail, because I can't shake the feeling that I'm bothering them, always. Thank you so much for consistently shattering this illusion, and for all the Tumblr treasures. I always feel like I can talk to you, no matter how much time has passed.
clwright2: We've always been quiet, but OURS IS A QUIET LOVE OKAY. I WILL NOW DECLARE IT IN ALL CAPS. ILU BB.
corbyinoz: Your love for Show, and the analysis that accompanies it, always makes me squeal with delight, you should know.
dafnap: Admittedly much of what I know about you comes through the gospel that is 'words out of Gabby's mouth', but I adore everything I do know, and I'd love to get to know you more.
dayadhvam_triad: DT I miss you so, so much. In the last year I've gotten to know you so much better than I ever could have hoped to or ever thought I would (after all these years of admiration and love from afar!). I hope your thesis is going well--longer letter in an e-mail. ;)
dragonspell: I don't think I ever properly thanked you for your part in my amazing birthday fic. I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to cross paths. Let's do more crossing in 2012, shall we?
dustbunny105: I'm still so in your brother's fan club; just wanted you to know. You're not on LJ often but I feel like every time you are, I'm left with one more great vivid image of your life, and I treasure these almost as much as I treasure our friendship on the whole.
elfinragdoll: I think we've only seen each other once this year, but rest assured I'm always pleased when we get that chance. I'm so glad your new life fulfills you so; it looks good on you, girl. ;)
elisanwhatnot: I'm loving your physical proximity this past autumn. All innuendoes intended.
elystia: I haven't seen you in a long time, but you never fail to spring to mind. It's weird when you think of how long it's been--I remember your senior year of HIGH SCHOOL, if you can believe that!
eschatologies: I think you're one of two people ever whose fan fiction I've re-read more than two or three times. I hope that level of obsessive creepiness is somehow flattering. XD And I just wanted to say again CONGRATS on your assignment! It seems like you're really enjoying yourself, and that makes me incredibly happy.
evil_kat: You always make me proud to be your friend.
evitably: We don't know each other that well yet, but you're a total sweetheart; I'd love to see you around again.
fannishliss: Liss, I feel like our whole friendship has just been one big love fest. It's funny how many memories you can have with one person over the course of a year (hurricane chicken, Doctor Who, writing drabbles, Liiiiiisa), and I'm surely looking forward to the next batch in 2012 with you.
flame_lily: We've only spoken once, but I love your energy to pieces.
fluffyfledgling: It's good to see you on my flist again, bb; nothing's complete without your presence.
fonsetorigo: My wonderfully nutty multi-talented island-dweller. <3 We haven't shared a fandom in years, and we don't often get to talk, but when we do I ADORE EVERY SECOND and there's never a paucity of words between us. I'm so happy to have met you.
fujiko1601: Silent but deadly! You're not on LJ much but I treasure those times you are.
gabby_silang: I go to Twitter specifically to stalk you from time to time. You're one of the greatest people I've met in my entire life (and I'm not exaggerating one bit). Every time I think about you I just melt, and I think about you often. You've changed my life for the better.
gaelicspirit: We don't have the most personal relationship, but you are so warm and so open to everyone that it definitely feels like we do; and I love that. Wishing you and your husband a charming holiday season (which regrettably I can't say in Gaelic, but it's the thought that counts!) Remind me to comment more--I read everything.
geckoholic: BB. BB. WHAT MORE CAN I EVEN SAY. I LOVE YOU. This has been a pretty amorphous year for you, but you've pulled through and then some. Bring on 2012, y/y?
glorious_spoon: You've single-handedly given me an affection for upstate NY that will surely take me to you someday. Watch the floods, don't burn any more holes through your porch, keep being fucking fantastic. And I'd love to read your original writing any time you'd like to share. I miss you!
gwaeren: It's so funny; I don't think we've ever talked one-on-one--there's always others around--but I have so many little kerneled memories with you. I hope you're doing well, love, and happy 2012.
hallowd: You haven't been around much this year, but you're one of the reasons I found fandom in 2003, and stayed.
harwhon: It's crazy embarrassing to me that one of our first major interactions was beta-ing my ridiculous Big Bang story. /O\ But I am so pleased that you stuck around with me after that. Also, I'm in love with your fruit basket, and the recycled notes. Just sayin'.
helike: I don't want to say "you're a keeper" because that makes you sound like a commodity, but I wanted you to know I wouldn't trade your presence in my life for anything; and I'm thrilled we can keep that across any fandom. I adore your Saint Seiya artwork, and love it when you share your RL, too. Send all your students my love!
herongale: I'm actually not sure how we ended up LJ friends (not that I'm complaining!) but I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to see you around on Plurk. I know we don't talk directly much but I love the way your conduct and carry yourself. You're fabulous.
hieronymousb: I think our relationship ages like a fine wine. Two years ago I wrote to you on your birthday and said that I think where we were then was the best place we'd been in years of, you know what? Pretty awesome. I just wanted you to know that I wanted to reiterate that--this is our best, and I can only see it getting better. We had one conversation in particular over the summer that was really memorable for me. I just wanted you to know that I love you, and I'm so happy to be a part of your life.
hiza_chan: You validate my adoration for SuperWho. I collect all the GIFs and vids you post. XD
honeylocusttree: I feel like we're new to each other, but goddamn it all I adore you already. It's almost not fair how fast and how hard I've fallen for you, bb, my fellow horror person. You never cut corners and you never mince words and I respect you so much for that--now imagine how I feel about the rest of your awesomeness!
hyphenizing: See sub_textual. ;)
i_speak_tongue: I feel like we're new to each other, but it's about damn time, I think! I have to admit: I meant to friend you ages ago, but I couldn't think of an un-creepy way to pose that, because my first thoughts were always i love tongues i love you i love your speaking in tongues. I'M PRETTY SURE I JUST ENDED UP GOING THE CREEPY ROUTE ANYWAY, but I'm looking forward to next year's shenanigans with you.
ice_kestrel9: Never stop being who you are. You are AWESOME and I miss you all the time. Can I chain you to your LJ so I can see you all the time? :P
idc_chan: I will never forget the awesome times we've had. You've been a little harder to find this year, but I love it when you resurface, especially when you have work tales, or TV tales, or housemate/sister tales to share with us.
idontagree: I don't think you've been around much this year, but I remember you, and I'd love to hear from you again.
ippoddity: If there's anything the last 20 years have taught me, it's that I'm going to miss you tons when you're in Australia. But it's also taught me we'll be there for each other when you get back. (And during--huzzah for the Internet!)
isolabela: We haven't seen much of each other this year, but I'd love to get back in touch with you.
istne_pieklo: See shaitanah. ;)
jaimeykay: How am I even supposed to say everything in a few sentences? Your life changed in a big way this past March and it still fills me with glee thinking about it. You are everything I'd like to be more of. You have always been there for me. You are too important to me for these silly words.
justlikeswimmn: TRUTH BE TOLD I'm not sure if we've even spoken face to face! But I see you around in fandom all the time, and it tickles me so much every time. You're great.
ketita: I haven't seen you this year, I don't think! But I continually value your ghostly presence. Thank you so much for your role in introducing me to Netta, as well; that wasn't this year but I never said it before, and I think it more than needs to be said.
kettle_o_fish: I love the way you look at things. You're a storyteller through and through and I'll never stop listening.
kuchren: You know everything I could say here, bb. You will always be my soulmate. Your life has changed so much this year, and with such constancy I can't imagine how trying that must be. But I love it when we get to have our time together; my only wish for next year (as always) is that we get MORE of it!
laedieduske: Finding out you share a kink with someone is call for instant solidarity. Finding out you share so much else besides is bliss. <3
leftaligned: Even when you're 500 miles away, you inspire me to push harder and never settle for anything. I miss you, bb!
lexhibition: Same as Gabby--I go to Twitter specifically to stalk you. Just. Just ♥. Also, whenever I'm eating my favorite kind of ice cream (cherry chocolate chunk soy ice cream) I always think, man, I wish I could share this with Lexi.
luiskeln: You always test my Russian. XD Though for the most part I feel like we're never around LJ at the same time. I always miss you! We'll have to work on that next year, haha, because I'd love to speak with you more often.
mad_server: No matter what you're doing, you never fail to bring a smile to my face. I'd love to get to know you better!
maybemalapert: I miss having more of you in my life. You're one of those people I never would have met on my own, and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity. Thank you also for all your help in June, ahahaha.
maypoles: There can never be enough of you in my life. I want to know everything there is to know about you, ever. Even though we've been friended for a while, and obviously have known of each other for longer, it's only this past autumn I feel like we've started on the path towards honest to god friendship. I want to continue down that path for all time.
metallidean_grl: Can we count the times I've embarrassed myself to pieces in front of you? XP But I'll keep coming back forever because I value you in my life too much. I adore chatting with you and I'd give a lung to do more of it.
midnightbanshee: I will always admire you. (And envy you for that ramen! I know that was ages ago but whenever I think about it it just sounds SO GOOD.)
moragmacpherson: God, I love you. Whenever you're in town the world is a better place. Also, it'll always be hilarious to me that I forgot I'd given you permission to drunk!text me, and I didn't know who you were at first. XD But after a while I was like, huh, this kind of sounds like Morag. EVEN WHILE DRUNK and out of the context of the Internet I eventually figured out it was youuuuu! Whenever you care to reprise the texting, I'm totally open.
muffinsphinx: We've sort of lost touch, but I read all your posts. Here's to 2012, girl!
naatz: I owe my life today, as well as the person I am now, to you. I miss the times we'd spend like six hours every day talking to each other, even though I know that's not realistically feasible to keep up, and likely not healthy. :P Seriously, I owe you everything. And writing all these notes has given me such perspective on exactly how very much that is. A million ♥ and then some.
nebulast: I haven't seen you in so long! I think the last thing I remember you doing is changing your name. XD I miss you.
nwspaprtaxis: You're just about the sweetest person on the planet, and I love talking to you about everything. And I love that we can talk about everything! From RL in all its incarnations to Show to writing, I love it all. My door is always open.
paceyringwald: You haven't been posting much, but the care you give to all of your friendships floors me. I feel blessed to be a part of that.
paperiuni: See hallowd. ;)
plainrea: I love being able to say 'we go way back'. You're one of my oldest, most constant people in my life on- or offline, and I feel like we've entertained this strong baseline of friendship that most people never have the pleasure of enjoying. I feel like no matter the distance temporally, fandom-wise, etc., we will always be here. And that makes me truly grateful.
pyrebi: You're inspiringly apart from the crowd, and that's the best place to be. Also, almonds will forever remind me of you. XD You have no idea how much I want to send you some!
quickreaver: I feel like we're new to each other, too (as of this summer), so we're only just getting started. But meeting you and having the chance to talk with you is definitely a positive of my 2011. Next year we can start in January! ;) I love your take on Show, whether you express it as meta/opinion, art, or fic, you multi-talented fiend, you.
rahmi: CONGRATULATIONS again on the job! That's so fantastic. I love reading all about you, from your RL to Sharkchesters to all the delicious recipes.
raihu: You've been one of my biggest inspirations since Day 1. You are my biggest inspiration. And your sporadicness is probably part of your charm (you're like a drug! a very rare, very strong drug), but it's no lie when I say I just want to bask in you 24/7. Do you do e-mail?
raloria: We don't talk personally much, but I love all of the 'caps you make, especially your new episode title series--it's so interesting to see those shots lined up together, though I'm not sure why!
reiayanami89: You don't post that often, but I love it when you do. Keep in touch!
rince1wind: I see you everywhere in fandom, and that makes me happy. I love your posts in your journal, too--from your job to your family your investment and happiness is palpable.
road_rhythm: You are so goddamned good. And enthralling. Every time I read your fics or your general posts they make me think, I need to get to know this person better. I may actually (potentially creepily) move on those thoughts next year, advance warning!
roque_clasique: Your passion, your excitement, your experience, your sense of humor, your sense of everything else, are forever an inspiration. You enable in the best of ways. You make me want to do more, be more, be awesome. And stand outside your window crooning romantic arias, but that's another thing entirely. Congratulations on a thesis/novel nearly completed and an MFA nearly earned, and all the wonderful future to come!
rusty_halo: Your perspective on just about everything is always so refreshing and articulate. I love reading your posts.
salientdreams: We don't know each other that well outside of the realm of callmeme, but there's a solidarity right there that makes me want to take you in my arms (or tentacles) and squeeze you lovingly. See, the fact that I am even spouting this weirdness is a testament in itself. XD I'd love to get to know you better!
salty_catfish: I feel like we came out of nowhere on each other. XD My affections for you are so explosive; my heart actually leaps every time I see you.
fhionnuiscetine: I will always treasure the lengthy conversations we had this summer, and I hope we can repeat the experience with different topics. And neeever be afraid to overshare with me--I'm that way, too!
scarlet_pencil: I think my most vivid memory of you involves an account of your Chex mix balls of deliciousness. I don't know if I've seen you at all this year, but I just wanted to let you know I will never forget you.
shaitanah: God, you. Whenever I read your posts I feel like I'm in the fandom of your life, I love you that much. Another congratulations on your diploma, by the way, because being in the fandom of your life I know how much that means, and how hard you worked to get it. I adore you to pieces.
si_star_x: I haven't seen you around nearly as much of late, because you've been hard at work, but I'm so glad you got that job--it seems like you're really enjoying it. I miss your jubilant presence, though! <3
sistabro: I can't believe I've been lucky enough not only to be able to spend a year with you online, but also a week with you in real life. It's the first time I've ever done anything like that, and needless to say the experience was peerless. Before I left I'd been e-mailing Ali about how nervous I was to meet you in person, even though you're you, because I was afraid I wouldn't be good company, or I'd be incredibly awkward, or I'd be an imposition. I GUESS I CAN'T SAY DEFINITIVELY THAT I WASN'T, LOL, but I always felt 100% at home with you. And being able to spend that time with you is unforgettable and forever unparalleled, and I feel like we are even better friends for it. I love talking all the things with you, from work to family to fandom to Gmail's new design.... XD I love you, darling, and I can't imagine my life without you.
skullage: I'm not sure if we've actually ever spoken, but I know that Lass speaks well of you, and that is good enough for me. I'd love to get to know you better.
smilla02: You mean so much to me. I love that we see eye-to-eye on so many things, yet entertain such different opinions on others--even when our likes and un-likes are removed by almost nothing. It inspires such refreshing conversation. I'm one of those people who is afraid to say things because I don't like conflict, but because you are you, you're of the few I always feel comfortable talking to--about anything. You're a rockstar.
sub_textual: (I see you mostly on Plurk, not LJ, but) the mix of rigorous academia and straight playful fun that is your life is an ideal that I aspire to.
switchbladesis: You've ruined me forever, I'll have you know. Meeting you in person was just the last straw. Because now I compare new people I meet to you and I'm like, yup, no, y'all are not even in Switch's league. Also, I wish that I knew people geographically closer to me who'd play board games with me. I MISS YOU ALL.
taelynhawker: I haven't seen a lot of you this year, but when you get the chance I'd love to catch up. Miss you!
tahirire: Your passion for EVERYTHING you do never fails to bring a smile to my face.
thegeminisage: We didn't get the chance to talk much one on one this year, but I wanted to let you know that you're one of those people that would really like to get to know better. (P.S. I was the one who wrote amnesia!Dean/Lisa for you, so I did have an inkling as to your Braeden love beforehand. ;P)
twirlycurls: I miss you! You were one of the first friends I met in SPN fandom from interactions on a comm. I hope you and your kids are having a great holiday season.
twoskeletons: You have this incredible knack for showing up and offering delightful gifts--be these GIFs you've found, or fics you've written or just hellos--whenever I need them most. I'm not sure how you do this but every little thing means worlds to me. I'd love to give back even a percentage of all you've done for me.
ureshiku: I feel like this has been a pretty tough year for you (it's funny how life makes such a habit of that, :\) but I'm always happy to see you around when you stop in. We don't really know each other but I'm all for changing that in the year to come.
vanae: I keep missing your posts on LJ--we're around on opposite schedules! XD Regardless, I'd love to hear more from you. Your fannishness makes me heart swell.
venusian_eye: See ureshiku. ;)
veve_w: You haven't done LJ in years, so you won't see this, but do this day I am still in awe of you.
vie_dangerouse: You complete me in ways I never knew I needed, in ways I can no longer live without. It's occurred to me more than once that life before meeting you wasn't even really living--it was waiting. ♥
wandersfound: I can't believe you were in my city and we didn't wave hi in RL. ): I feel like this year has been this great flow of our paths crossing--or almost crossing--both online and in real space, which is kind of hilarious. XD But I love you--more of the same and better next year, yeah?
wave_obscura: Truth be told, we don't know each other that well yet, but I know you just enough to know I like you, and that I'd be remiss to live my life without you. I love seeing you when you get the chance to drop in on LJ.
weirdwednesday: I haven't seen a lot of you this year, but whenever I do it's like a homecoming. I hope med school is treating you as well as these things can.
wynefred: 2011's been a rollercoaster for you, goodness. But it's one you're owning like a boss. I love hearing all about your day, and your sister and her kids. And you've gotten her into watching Show, YESSSSS.
xue: You are so strong. This year's certainly seen to testing that. But I know one thing: You will always win, because you are better than anything life can throw at you.
yokimon: You're my girl in true NorCal, and your creativity and unwillingness to stay inside the lines will always be an inspiration.
yourxpridex: We've only talked once, so I must admit you're a bit of a mystery to me! But if you're around, hit me up; I'd love to get to know you better.
yvaine_sol: See shaitanah. ;)
zatnikatel: I adore your Demon Seeds posts more than any person who's never met your kids rightly should. But they're so fantastic!

♥ I hope your final days of 2011 are glorious, and your 2012 still brighter! ♥
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