Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

"Do you want to erase Samputer?"

Okay, so. This is just about the nerdiest admission of all time, but--! As some of you might recall, my computer is named Samputer because of his medical history. He has this recurring issue: his HDA and his LOGIC BOARD (lol) are prone to disconnect. The first time this happened, he was christened Samputer because I was under the impression it was going to take a crossroads deal to bring him back. Well, that's happened three times now, much to my distress. "You die more than anyone computer I've ever known owned", indeed!

Samputer also happens to be uncannily good at predicting Sam's arcs in canon. The last time this happened was just around 6x11 and all the soullnessness and the Death's Wall, etc. stuff.

Then, on Wednesday, Samputer had some kind of massive crisis. Mind you, I've not yet seen Friday's episode, but I can only imagine what sorts of things happened. Anyway. Because I am ridiculous and am extremely emotionally attached to my computer I spent most of the evening, uh, petting Samputer and whispering sweet nothings to him while I ran Disk Utility and hardware checks. When these turned up nothing I decided the best course of action was to erase him completely and start from scratch.

In addition to being emotionally attached to my computer, I am also completely neurotic, so I have everything backed up in every possible way, so it's not like I was actually losing that much data. But being prompted, "Do you want to erase Samputer?" WAS SO ANXIETY-INDUCING. I ALMOST CRIED, I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. AAAH. Sam!

Well, pfft, that didn't work. And I couldn't get the new operating system to install without crashing during installation, so I ended up at the Apple Store anyway. But at that point it wasn't Samputer, and was just a 2009 Macbook Pro, so I realized I really couldn't give fewer fucks what happened after that. XP In B4 Soulless!Sam reference ha. ha. ha.

After Apple Store shenanigans (EXTREMELY good [free] service, btw) I ended up with a new OS installed, and spent the night/early morning putting Samputer back together exactly as he had been. The Nice Lady at the Apple Store couldn't definitively tell me what had been wrong with Samputer in the first place without keeping him overnight, so I've been keeping him under observation all day.

Console has been logging periodic I/O errors in my system log, though, which means that however asymptomatic Samputer has been (HE HAS BEEN PERFORMING AT HIS VERY BEST ALL DAY, ACTUALLY) he is still slowly dying, and his hard drive is failing, and one day soon everything is going to go to shit in about a second, probably at an exceptionally inopportune moment.

While I'm glad I could find this out in advance, and glad that if something had to fail it was the hard drive (a part I can replace myself--on Macs, one of TWO parts you can actually replace without Apple's professional assistance), I'm still sad. He's Samputer! ;_____;

In the last half hour, Console has logged 19 I/O errors, which I guess in this (increasingly pathetic and insensitive) analogy is like the computer version of a petit mal seizure. Ugh, I'm sorry. This computer is my baby.

Tags: better to be a pirate than join the navy, fandom: spn, mistaking reality for spn again, salt being a spirit deterrent, trufax

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