Kalliel (kalliel) wrote,

Dear Writer: spn_summergen 2012

Dear spn_summergen writer,

I mean everything I said in the prompts.

Be daring: This is your chance to put it all out there. Write from the deepest place Supernatural touches in you. Write the thing you'd never try otherwise, and push--past your comfort zone, past where all the writing logic in the world is telling you to stop. Write like no one's watching.

Do not, under any circumstances, feel compelled to cater to my likes, my fannish tendencies, etc., unless they're the daring thing you'd never try. Hell, if you want, just ditch the prompts! This is about you and SPN; this is about your writing and you. All I want is to be your daring reader. So find an adventure for us. ;)
Tags: fandom: spn

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