May 28th, 2011


[Fic] holes - Dean, Sam, hurt/comfort, horror, weirdness, 6x22 coda

Title: holes
Characters: Dean, Sam
Genre: Gen, hurt/comfort (exhaustion/fever/pain/Hell - Dean; Hell - Sam), horror(?), 6x22 coda
Rating: G
Word-count: ~2100
Spoilers: 6x22 coda
Warnings: Gratuitous weirdness, incoherent narrators.
Summary: The Winchesters dig a hole.
Notes: For sistabro's prompt for hoodie_time's Writing Between the Lines challenge!

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Dear Bridget,

I hope you enjoy this. I've actually read it now, but I'm not yet sure what to think about it! You would not believe the number of completely unrelated would-be fics this spawned prior to this incarnation. *____*

Many thanks to vie_dangerouse for the hand-holding and the brainstorming, and dayadhvam_triad for the same, and also for making sure Dean did not turn into a ham sandwich midway through this fic! edit 28 May That, uh, came later. >.>
everything ends

[Fic] watch once down - Bobby/Karen, character study, horror/angst

Two fics in one day, what is this madness? It's because I actually wrote this one a month ago, for spn_las. I'd wait, but if I don't post this now I will forget about ever posting it. It got two positive votes and one negative vote, which was pretty thrilling. :)

Title: watch once down
Genre: Gen (or het, I guess. Technically.) pre-series, character study, angst, horror
Pairing: Bobby/Karen
Rating: G
Word Count: ~1000
Summary: They're living the Dream--American. Heartbreak is universal.
Warnings: Spoilers for 6x17 "My Heart Will Go On".
Notes: Written for Round #1, Challenge #1 at spn_las. The prompt was "Time will tell."

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Man is a watch, wound up at first, but never
Wound up again; Once down, he's down for ever.
The watch once down, all motions then do cease;
The man's pulse stopt, all passions sleep in peace.

Robert Herrick