July 13th, 2011

free fall

Interest Drabble Meme

Taking the train to Los Angeles tonight to visit one of my housemates, and see Harry Potter! Then plane home to see family and friends. <3 I'm supposed to be writing things, but I can't seem to actually find the impetus to start. So I figured now would be a good time for this meme, which I stole from the lovely fannishliss.

The FIRST FIVE PEOPLE who comment on this post will receive their very own personalized Supernatural drabble that somehow incorporates one or more of your listed "interests" from your profile page. I'll try my best to do more than the first five, but I definitely guarantee those drabbles.  You may also suggest one or two specific characters if you like! Gimme a week, and you'll get your very own 100 words in your hot little hands.

There's a catch, though ... I'm asking that you write one back for me.  Come on, 100 words ... that's nothing. 

The 'five' up there is arbitrary; I will write you aaaall a drabble. You can write me one back, or not; I don't mind either way! And for non-SPN folks obviously I will write for one of our mutual fandoms. ;)


The drabble Liss wrote for me can be found here, based on my interests: the present tense, this american life, americana, nonlinear narratives, roadtripping, anthropomorphizing architecture, [bill nye:the] science guy.

And the drabble I wrote for her:

a death in new york
post 6x22, Dean, Sam, fluff/humor

alan moore, reading, herbs (kind of), caffeine (kind of), people hunting things (always!), thrifting

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