November 17th, 2011

where's perry

you can't take the sky from me

My most recent text message conversation:

Sister: Whats the thing where the person gets dragged behind a car until they die? Like that in that one spn episode with the lumber mill?

Me: Keelhauled? Well, roadhauled if you don't have a keel to haul them on.

Ah, the sweet language of television. Though under what circumstances she would need this info, I'm pretty sure I don't want to know. XP

I swear, though, I'm having like. Old!show withdrawal or something. Maybe it's just because I'm staring down final papers that I don't particularly want to write, but I'm jonesing for an SVU marathon, or some old school House, MD. Firefly. Six Feet Under. Anything. XP

I put on a House episode as background noise while I was reading about retroviruses for class last night, because it was ~medically relevant~. It was the episode where the patient has AIDS and everyone's convinced because he has AIDS and it's actually that apart from having AIDS he also had some obscure parasite from Montana or something. Anyway, my roommate walked into the room while I was watching and she was like, "Hey, I remember this episode! And they thought he had like--"

"The guy has AIDS, so they thought he'd just caught an opportunistic infection. And Wilson thought it was Non Hodgkin lymphoma. See, it's listed right here in this table labeled 'AIDS-defined Opportunistic Infections' in my textbook. I'm studying."

And I swear it was. I mean, I swear I was. Studying, that is.

...I'd feel more pathetic if it weren't so convenient! I mean, if not for H/C!goggles, how the hell else would I conveniently know during class that double quotidian fevers are characteristic of leishmaniasis?


Aaaaaand blocking myself for real now. Doing work. Maybe.