January 3rd, 2012

gumby girl

[Fic] Asst. 2011 Leftovers (SPN!fic) + New LJ layout

New LJ layout for the new year! → kalliel And new profile information to match. :) I chose white because LJ's new comment pages are kind of weird. I don't know if it's the character spacing or what, but something looks off. This is supposed to make reading less arduous, in particular for longer posts. How does it work for you?

For the sake of yet further organization, I also back-dated some of fan fiction that I failed post to this journal the first time around, generally because I embarrass myself. I actually adore the Meg manifesto fic, though. <3

December 2011: When You Wake Up to This
post-6x21 "Let it Bleed" AU | 2900 words | horror, angst (voluntary amnesia) | Lisa, Sam; Lisa/Dean Smith (sort of), past Lisa/Dean | for hoodie_time

In the end, it's a matter of sense; it's a matter of lips. It's a matter of knowing that the hand holding yours when you wake up is the hand you were holding when you died. --Or that it should have been.

June 2011: Place at the End
pre-series (1996) - post-series (2021) | 27,600 words | drama/angst/hurt/comfort (mobility issues, pain, exhaustion, insomnia, depression, anxiety disorder) | Dean, Sam, peripheral OFCs, peripheral John; Lisa, very peripheral Meg | suicidal ideation | for spn_j2_bigbang (2011)

In 1996, you realized one thing: you're either a hunter or you're not; some bridges can only be crossed once. Fast forward to 2021. What happens when that frontier starts closing?

February 2011: memories of my melancholy whores
pre-series (2004) - 2x14 "Born Under a Bad Sign" | 9,700 words | femmeslash, character study, horror, psychological, angst | Meg; Meg/Lisa, Meg/Sam, Meg/Bela, Meg/Jo, Meg/Jess, Meg/Dean, Meg/Amanda Walker (1x04), Meg/OFC, Dean/Lisa) | dubious consent, psychological torture, possession | for spnfemmeslashbb

It's like pressing a bruise. It's like pounding against a bruise until you split open and you start falling out of your own skin. Like your bruise is your entire world; you see in shades of black and purple and sometimes plum-red. You are a millimeter from the walls in any direction. And you're pressing at that bruise; the small coin-shaped one at your elbow, waiting for it to blossom before you, so you can feel something--anything--at all. More often than not, what you feel is cooling blood, sticky between your fingers.

On possession and being possessed: How to love your body (or someone else's). How to survive an encounter with the other side. And how to survive the Winchesters, no matter what you are.