December 30th, 2012

free fall

I'm not ready to leave 2012.

I'm back, and I had a wonderful time.

Traveled all around Russia, Ukraine, Finland, and the UK (sort of), and got to meet up with shaitanah/istne_pieklo TWICE, which was absolutely fantastic.

Traveled a lot, applied to eight trillion doctoral programs, made some of the best friends of my life, all of whom I now miss so much it hurts. Now I don't know how to live my life and I'm being a psychopath and carrying around two phones (both off), only reading my junk mail, that sort of thing. Tried to self-medicate my life by disappearing into television and ended up traumatized by television! Not that that should surprise anyone!

tl;dr Sam is amazing, and I love Amelia. I adored 8x09 and it makes me so excited for the next half of the season--ohhhh, Benny Benny Benny. Law and Order; SVU S14 is weirdly good. And the BBC version of Being Human, which I started watching with shaitanah, absolutely slayed me. Is slaying me. I can't do this. XP

Actually, I think my basic relationship with most TV right now is pretty much "motherfucking vampires!!"

I may need to go read Lestat again.

How are you all? I've missed you. <3