July 2nd, 2013

fandom text

Lucy Liu, mostly

I just finished watching the first season of Elementary, which premiered on CBS this past season. It was pretty decent--intelligent and with fairly pleasant leads in Sherlock and Lucy Liu's "Joan Watson." I like it better than the Guy Ritchie movies, in that I found the characterizations a bit more compelling and the series itself is less of an FX parade (though they likely benefited here from a TV budget rather than a movie one).

It's really good at reading the present state of the cop procedural and understanding what it has to do to define itself as something apart from its myriad predecessors (in both cop procedural and Holmes lore). It's just smart enough to keep from being utterly hackneyed, no matter the unlikeliness of Holmes' deductions--and you do really want to see him maintain his sobriety, which is a big thing considering the glee I derive from the utter destruction of fictional persons, er.

I really, really like Lucy Liu as Watson, and I'd love to see more of her, but Irene--as a character and as a storyline--meh. Ultimately though, I don't think this is a show I'd continue watching, since I already have infinite Law and Order to do this job. Lucky for me I'm definitely not looking for a new show!

In fact, I should really stop marathoning television at some point, but... I might try BBC Sherlock next. I know that everyone and their duck loves it, but it's giving me that kneejerk hipster reaction where it's now at that point where it's been so built up for me, I'm concerned that I'll go in expecting too much and just be disappointed. I'm not sure how much more Sherlock I can take right now anyway; watching Elementary in tandem with the first few episode of House S8 was already pushing it!

AND BECAUSE NO POST HERE IS COMPLETE WITHOUT THIS NOTE. The Elementary has left me with a visceral need for Dean H/C.

Of course it did.

In other news: I need to finish my summergen. I need to seriously dig into writing that BB. Oh, also, I moved! And unpacked. And am now attempted to consolidate all of my belongings so I can move again very shortly. I have more things at my mother's house than I expected, ugh gross it's too hot to sift through dusty crap in small enclosed spaces.