July 12th, 2013

free fall

go home, metatron.

I just turned in my spn_summergen fic, two extensions later. Not...super proud of it. :S Which sucks, because summergen is basically a gift exchange and /hands

I need to do something playful and low key before setting out on final-drafting for spn_j2_bigbang in earnest.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if you're writing your first non-academic thing in months and months and months, don't let it be summergen. Make sure nothing is at stake. @_@ This has been news!

What are you guys working on? :D What do you want to start working on? What should you be working on, but aren't? XD

And in other news, if you have them, what are your Twitter and Tumblr handles? I'm trying to man up, leave the nest, and expand my fandom spaces. Let me add you. :D

Twitter: @mongingsammy
Tumblr: kalliel