July 16th, 2013

free fall

Hellatus Rec - MARISOL by Jose Rivera

If you're looking for things to spnfiltrate during the Hellatus, check out Marisol, a two act drama by Puerto Rican/New York playwright, Jose Rivera.

MARISOL, a Puerto Rican woman, 26
ANGEL, Marisol's guardian angel, a young black woman

That is, racebent, genderswitched Dean/Castiel.

(post-Apocalyptic) New York City. Winter.

That is... 'nuff said.

God is gone. The angels take this situation into their own hands.

"The universal body is sick, Marisol. Constellations are wasting away, the nauseous stars are full of blisters and sores, the infected earth is running a temperature, and everywhere the universal mind is wracked with amnesia, boredom, and neurotic obsessions. Because God is old and dying and taking the rest of us with Him. and for too long, much too long, I've been looking the other way. Trying to stop the massive hemorrhage with my little hands, with my prayers. But it didn't work and I knew if I didn't do something soon, it would be too late . . . Listen well, Marisol: Angels are going to kill the King of Heaven and restore the vitality of the universe with His blood. And I'm going to lead them... it could be suicide. A massacre. He's beter armed. Better organized. And, well, a little omniscient . . . When we crown the new God, and begin the new millenium . . . Men and women will be elevated to a higher order. All children will speak Latin. And Creation will finally be perfect.

It also means I have to leave you. I can't stay. I can't protect you anymore."

(From Wiki) "Alone, without her protector, Marisol begins a nightmare journey into this new war zone where she is attacked by a man with an ice cream cone demanding back pay for his extra work on the movie Taxi Driver. Marisol finds herself on the streets, homeless, where her many encounters include a woman beaten for exceeding her credit limit and a homeless burn victim in a wheelchair looking for his lost skin. With the apocalypse well under way, the angels have traded in their wings for Uzis and wear leather motorcycle jackets and fatigues. As the action builds to a crescendo, the masses of homeless and displaced people join the angels in the war to save the universe."

When angels kill things, they leave behind a pile of salt. And without giving away any plot, there's mpreg. What more could you possibly ask for? Just think about how crazy it would be to see this play performed: