July 21st, 2013


There weren't any CCR but we did have cellos and violin concertos.

I've just returned from a weekend roadtrip around the North Bay! Which because I am me naturally reminded me of SPN. It was kind of weird, because as we were winding through Napa Valley and all the vineyards there, they reminded me of a Sonoma-based spn_summergen fic from 2012, even though when I'd it that fic had mostly reminded me of my Sonoma-based grandparents. Yet this particular roadtrip reminded me of my grandparents very seldom... even though outside of that fic they are 98% what I know about the North Bay.

Anyway, it was a SPN roadtrip except instead of classic rock we listened to violin concertos and went to a cello concert (Zoe Keating!), and instead of my brother I hadn't seen in two years I went with a best friend I hadn't really hung out with in eight. And instead of stultifying traumatic backstories keeping us on edge and passive aggressive we just shared all of our problems and insecurities we wouldn't have felt comfortable divulging to people we lived with, or saw more often. Petty things, silly thoughts, superficial judgments, all of those things that we're all too nice, evolved, and self-assured to have--yeah, all of that. All of that was quite shared.

Well, that doesn't sound like SPN at all, you say. No, it really doesn't, and it really wasn't, but let's be real, when has that ever stopped me?

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Also, I've created my wishlist for SPN S9: A bottle episode that takes place entirely inside the Impala, both while moving and while parked on the side of the road because they can't find a place with any vacancies. Because the apparent ease with which they find reasonably priced lodging is an affront to the sad reality of reality! H/C a bonus but not a requirement. Artistic shots of the Impala's interior floors, however, are non-negotiable.

I also had a dream that I'd finished and posted my spn_j2_bigbang and that was sad because that's not true. :(