July 30th, 2013

fandom text

SPNing SPNsters SPNfiltrating SPNing class.

I'd watch a Supernatural spin-off. I don't know that it'd be interesting, but there's an honest chance I'd watch it anyway, because I missed SPN that much and because most of television is pretty shit, anyway.

I distinctly remember thinking "why the hell would I watch a spin-off?" two years ago; but four years ago I also thought, "why the hell would I watch an episode without Castiel in it?" and eight years ago I thought, "why the hell would I watch Supernatural?" So really, this is just another chapter in my quickening spiral of ever-decreasing self-control when it comes to this stupid show.

It's also been a DEAN DEAN DEAN DEAN kind of summer for me! Which might sound stupid, because you might think, "but wait, isn't that your year-round state?" YOU KNOW, YOU HAVE A POINT, PROBABLY, but Dean spent most of this past year not being very interesting and not doing/feeling anything that interesting and mostly just chillin'. So I was like, wevs, bro, and I threw my cards in with Sam and Castiel instead. Because I adore early!S8 Sam, and his arc with Amelia. And Castiel and Naomi and the insidious Heaven from the planet Insidious is terrible and lovely.

Anyway, usually I hit summer and I'm like, IT'S CALLED A HIATUS, DEAN, GO AWAY MAN. But not this summer. tl;dr out-of-season Dean love, what is this strange feeling.

So thanks for that, S8. I guess?

I can feel an entire litter of little Dean!stan tinhats growing in my belly, I'm not kidding. Which, considering I've spent most of my fandom life insulting Dean and consistently siding with Sam/Cas/whoever over Dean, might not be the worst experience in the world. This could be my opportunity to like Dean by, you know, liking him. Novel concept is novel, I know. And yeah yeah, I'm the worst, whatever. I like to think that people don't doubt my Dean!stanism in spite of the words that come out of my mouth, but then I forget that people who don't actually know me can read the words that come out of my mouth as well as anyone else, and it probably just sounds like the worst character bashing ever. And then I actually am the worst.

Reasons to write fic instead of meta: Third-person limited. Then insulting Dean words are called "characterization." ;P

I've written ~25,000 words of fic in the last two weeks (bringing total for the YEAR to ~26,000, lol), so maybe I've gotten all of my raging, slanderous (but loving!) Dean feelings out of the way for once. A verbal cleanse, if you will. I like being able to arrange all of his bullshit in front of me, acknowledge it, and then have nothing left but a lot of uncomplicated love inside me. <3

Eugh, I came here with the intention of writing legitimate thoughts about Homeland, but I guess not. SPN drivel instead. Well, if that's the case: Alaina Huffman is the prettiest cast member. And Rachel Miner.