August 1st, 2013

where's perry

recs, reads, writes... one of these is not happening

Reccing things always makes me :S a little because tbh, I feel like it's one of the least efficacious fandom activities. Obviously when you rec things you want people to look at them, because you want as many people as possible to enjoy something you feel is the bee's knees. But I feel like this doesn't often reap the results one would hope, and that makes me sad. But! I've recced some things recently that people found through my rec and then read, and THAT makes me very happy. :D

Rec posts compiled here:

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Speaking of recs, how do you summary, flist? What kind of summaries do you tend to click on, and what sort of information do you prefer to have before reading something?

Personally, the summaries that get me all hot and bothered are very minimal, probably very lacking in key information. The abstract art of summaries. I tend not to be interested in summaries that describe the plot premise of the fic, though I've noticed these tend to be the most effective in terms of acquiring readership. Honestly, I tend not to read most fic headers, anyway; just the cut text.

It's funny, because I've been reading, or at least starting (one I haven't yet finished because I'm very sensitive/defensive about early S8 Sam), all of the fics on spn_summergen. But based purely on the summaries, I'm not sure I would have clicked on some of my very, very favorites under normal circumstances. Which leads me to believe I should revise the way I choose fics to read, because I surely am missing out on lots of great stuff.

Aaaaaand spn_j2_bigbang: Fuck, my, life. Hell with it, LET'S WRITE THIS ...candle? .____. i hate everything, the end.