October 8th, 2013


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I think I'm going to give myself a heart attack and die before I even begin to download 9x01, let alone actually get through watching it. I AM SO EXCITED. AND NERVOUS. AND I'M PRETTY SURE 90% OF THIS EPISODE WILL BE THINGS I REALLY DON'T LIKE. But if you're 90% crap, it still means you're 100% something someone really loves.

(oh dean bb)

...I was clip-showing early S7 for hoodie_time purposes

can you tell

help i am actually dying

actually dying

eta: My Facebook thinks I'm dying because of a meteor shower. TY SPN I guess?? Also can we talk about how completely screwed I am for real life because of this/this weekends untoward distraction. D; TY SPN. I GUESS.


[To be fair, I think that's my reaction to every episode on rewatch. 9x01.]
holy consent issues, dean

hael :D

Death must really like Sam. Because you know at that point, it actually isn't up to him whether he dies or not... It actually is, uh, Death's choice. Death's choice he's given over to Sam. Which--wait for it--is exactly what Dean could not do.

also, holy existential blackmail, Dean

"I'm a prayerful woman, and I believe in miracles, but I can also read an EKG." D;

and did I mention the consent issues?

Not my favorite fix, but not one I'd seriously considered. Rather, I'd considered it but it was demon!Meg sharing herself with an angel, not Sam. I also said "S9 would never do this."



if you can't say anything worth saying Dean/Cas, don't say anything at all

I got way more of my national in exile angels than I thought! :DD

but when Castiel asked Hael where she wanted to go, I really did expect her to say, "Home."

hilarious SFX people and their artfully arranged chunks of windshield


did I mention that was completely fucking ridiculous

but I approve

also I bet you a million dollars the script for this episode was written in ALL CAPS. Just. the entire thing. CAPS.

But WHOA, WHOA. Whoa there, Dean!girls, back the fuck up. I just read a reaction post that was talking about how sad it was that originally Sam didn't want to live and stick around for Dean. WHOA THERE. Living for Dean is not Sam's job. Sam needs to live (or die) for Sam. That's the whole quandry Dean confronted and then lost very, very badly to. But what do you expect when

(half the time, he's just living for Sam, himself.)

And that's an extremely bad, damaging, and desperate thing. Are we on the same page, here? No? No, of course not.

I lot of dogged excitement clearly went into this. XD Kind of like a three-year old discovering paint for the first time. N o t   e x a c t l y   M a t i s s e. But you know what you do anyway, right? You


that shit.

You know, there's a spoof interview with "Chris Morgan," the guy who wrote Fast 5, where a five-year old pretends to be Chris Morgan, explaining the plot of Fast 5 and all his favorite parts. That's us. That is SPN. Except we're not five, we're three.

We're a three-year old raised on medical telenovelas, with REALLY high hipster parents who love Kierkegaard. And dominatrix pornos.