October 20th, 2013

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Let's get our crazy show back home [WinchestMidwest]

Last weekend I went to winchestmidwest, which is a fan-run SPN convention in yes, the Midwest, that's been going on almost as long as Show. Leaving home at 5AM to walk the three miles to the bus stop on Friday, I can tell you that I strongly considered just staying home with fandom on the Internet. XP Which probably would've been great, let's face it. But WinchestMidwest was greater.

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My favorite part of this experience was being able to see all of the extremely various points of access people through which people enter into and experience fandom. There's a difference between people who watch Show and people who fandom Show online; or even fandom it on Facebook vs. Tumblr, message boards/outside websites vs. LJ--obviously. But within the confines of even LJ-using fandom people who are involved in reading/writing fic, it's still a huuuuge sea. And that's the part that was fascinating to me, because I generally just assumed that everyone in that subset of fandom did it in a way that was some variant of the way I do. NOPE, NOPE, SO MUCH NOPE.

And I think that's fantastic. And even more so, because in spite of that, there is a core to fandom that we all claim some affinity to, no matter how disparate our interest or our habits. I met so many cool people, fannish in so many cool ways and coming from so many different places--which I think is a testament to how immense and variegated our fandom is, because I'm not sure I'd even had a passing encounter with any of them online, and... I spent a lot of time online, and 99% of that on SPN. XP

What I realized is that I did not, in fact, spend the entire weekend in a state of extreme anxiety, but a state of extreme emotional investment, which is how I feel on my best days (increasingly many of late??) about SPN. It was a full, non-stop weekend in the throes of exactly that feeling.

Worth it.

My super Dean-centric review of 9x02.

Because this is America, I feel obligated to assess whether every picnic table scene after 1967 is a reference to Cool Hand Luke. 9x02's answer?

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jfc, This episode was so bad, but more than anything, so so good. It's the kind of episode that makes me want to watch it again, makes me want to write eight billion tag fics proceeding from as many different aspects of it, and makes me want to clip show S4/S2 hunting down back references, as well as relevant points of comparison to bring up in said tag fics. I feel like I actually have truly interesting thoughts about this episode--and they are LEGION no less--regardless of how poorly I've managed to articulate them here... :( So again, if you had a reaction post to 9x02, please link me? I will keep up with these on my own as of 9x03, I swear! I'm just late to the party this week!

Anyway, thinky eps are so my kind of episode. <3 Come to me, S9. Come to me.