November 10th, 2013

where's perry

I can make an entire digest out of my own recs, apparently.

Okay, so I saw someone's cut text for 9x05 and words. cannot. describe. how badly I need this in my life right now!!!!! D; I'm gonna write this paper, I'm gonna continue to get shit done, and then Tuesday is going to be a wonderfully glorious 9x05/9x06 double-header and all will be right with the world. In the meantime, I thought I'd cross-post some recs I've made in recent months.

All but one of these recs are gen and worksafe unless labelled otherwise.

GEN @ rocksalt_recs:

[links go to rec post at rocksalt_recs]

FIC: Mazes in Higher Dimensions by missyjack (Sam, Dean)
FIC: Traffic Stop by brightly_lit (outsider!POV, OC, Sam, Dean)
FIC: Summer's Kiss by judith_88_g (Jo, Ellen)
VID: Castiel the Motion Picture by slinkymilinky (Castiel, Novaks, angels, Dean)
FIC: Tin Lung Echoes by starling_night (Dean, soulless!Sam, Gwen)
FANCRAFT: Papercraft Impala by gnatkip (Impala)

DARK/HORROR RECS @ hoodie_time

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FIC: a consummation devoutly to be wished [the el to be jazz remix] by losttheirbones (NC-17; Dean/Sam. Dean/Kubrick. Dean/Castiel)
ART: it had to be you by badbastion (NSFW; Dean/Alastair)
VID: Dean/Purgatory Teaser by volta1228 (Dean)
FIC: And When the Darkness Comes, We Smile by rightfootred (R; Dean, Alastair)
FIC: Breathless by cymbalism219 (Dean/Castiel, Benny)
FIC: Cataclysm by rosereddawn (R; Dean/Castiel, Benny)

Comment!Meme Recs @ hoodie_time

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FIC: Home by annonwrite (Dean, Sam, Jess; misc. injury/illness)
FIC: How to Get Over a Broken Neck (and other advice for hunters with homicidal family members) by i_speak_tongue (Dean, Sam, OCs; vertebral fracture)
FIC: Submerged by ever_dimming (Dean, OCs, Sam; catatonia)
FIC: Inverse Exchange by quadrant_of_sky (Dean, Sam; dissociation)
FIC: Hijacking by agenttrojie (Dean, Sam, Abaddon; PTSD/guilt)
FIC: A Very Serious Fan Fiction by anon (Dean, Sam; EVERYTHING)

I have a bunch more to rec, too. Stay tuned for Sam/Dean, Meg/Castiel, Sam/Amelia, Dean/Abaddon, April Kelly, and--shockingly!--more Dean H/C.

edit: ugh I can't even with this paper. I just want to couch potato whyyyyy life whyyyyyy

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ahahahaha the critical reception for the short story collection I'm writing on is fucking ridiculous. Half of them are like, THIS IS SO OOC, THIS IS SO REPETITIVE, THIS IS SELLING OUT TO THE MAN/THE 19th CENTURY VERSION OF SHIP WARS and half of them are like WHOA SUBTLY SUBVERSIVE, ROCKIN' THOSE PLAYS ON GENRE, WHOA THIS WORK "analyzes with balance and subtlety the paradoxes, and tension [of the stories it aims to tell", THAT OTHER PERSON TOTALLY MISREAD THIS.

...AKA Anticipating SPN's S9 fandom since 1899.

And further proof that anything can be directly related to SPN.