November 25th, 2013

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[Fic] Love Like Salt (2/2) - Sam (POV), Dean, John; humor/horror/case!fic, hurt comfort; 9x07 coda

Sam, Interpellated: Sam grows into his family. The problem is, his family never grew up, and it never moved on.

Title: Love Like Salt (2/2) [AO3]
Genre: gen/pre-slash, teen!chesters, humor/horror/case!fic, hurt/comfort, family drama
Characters: Sam (POV), Dean, John, a family of OCs and their haunted house
Rating: PG-13 for teenage friskiness and the warning below.
Warning: [click to view]Ambiguous relationships to environments of sustained emotional abuse/neglect.
Word Count: ~11,000 in total. This part, ~6000.
Summary: The Winchesters revisit a ghostly snag in one of John's old cases. Meanwhile, Sam scrambles to mend his family, even as the world unravels around him. Dean just unravels.
Notes: Pre-series 9x07 coda, heavily inflected with S9 feels and tribulations. (esss niiiiiiiine! <3) Originally inspired by i_speak_tongue's prompt at the hoodie_time comment!meme, but then Sam happened. As he does.

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