November 29th, 2013


Even Amazon knows that Sam was the only relevant character in S8. XD

See post title. XP

Also, Amazon's Black Friday sale is offering all of S8 for a paltry $9.99, which is glorious! So I suppose I can forgive the fact that they redesigned their website and upped Super Saver shipping from $25 to $35 for your total purchase--which, gross. But since 98% of my Amazon purchases are used textbooks and the other 2% is "SPN DVDs on Black Friday and idk a Christmas present for my sister I guess," I guess ultimately this affects me very little.
free fall

[Fic] Dew Point - Dean (POV), Sam, Ezekiel; hurt/comfort, 9x08 tag, deluge of watery imagery

Title: Dew Point [AO3]
Genre: gen, angst, hurt/comfort (Dean)
Characters: Dean, Sam, Ezekiel; mentions of Suzy, Kevin, & Crowley
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: [click here]major depression, past suicidal ideation, mental instability, dissociation
Word Count: ~3000
Summary: The memory floats above him like a plastic tarp over a swimming pool, nauseating and heavy and full of the taste of chlorine, and for an instant Dean is glad, Dean is desperately glad, that Sam's not here right now to see this.
Notes: 9x08 coda/"Dean in S9 so far" fic, in which Dean is exactly the scattered, incoherent mess he surely seems to Sam right now. I'm sorry; I'm the H in a Dean H/Cer. It's just what we do. XP

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+ I had waaaaaaay too much fun with the 'how many throwaway lines from past episodes can you reference in a single fic?' game in this. But it is my favoritest of favorite games! XP